Johnston Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments.



Patrolmen Cody Weaver and Michael Martufi responded to Rhode Island Superior Court on the afternoon of Feb. 4 to take custody of Mark Pine, 51, 26 Clarion St., Cranston, who was wanted on a warrant issued from the Johnston Police Department on charges of felony larceny and misdemeanor vandalism.

Pine’s arrest stemmed from an alleged incident that occurred the morning of April 6, 2020, when Patrolman Matthew Winsor responded to a call for larceny and vandalism. The reporting party told Winsor that some time in the past day, an unknown suspect – later identified as Pine – broke the rear passenger-side window and stole all four rims and tires from a vehicle. Winsor was also told that the suspect had broken the rear driver’s side window of another car. The rims and tires were valued at $2,000 each, while the broken windows totaled $125 apiece.

Winsor said that, while on scene, he saw a possible fingerprint directly below the broken rear passenger window on the first vehicle. He said he also saw what appeared to be several small drops of blood on the rear passenger and driver’s side door of the vehicle.


Patrolman Michael Martufi Jr. was on a fixed traffic post at the intersection of Simmonsville and Atwood avenues on the morning of Feb. 17 when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed with its lights off.

Martufi activated his emergency lights and sirens when the vehicle drove by, and quickly positioned himself behind the car but the driver refused to stop. He looked down at this speedometer at one point to see he was driving 72 miles per hour, but the car continued to drive faster to elude him.

The car took a quick right turn into the driveway of 282 Simmonsville Ave., and Martufi knew from prior police experience that the driveway is long and narrow leading to a dead-end parking space. He posted at the top of the driveway and waited for additional police units to assist. Within seconds, three other officers arrived and proceeded up the driveway. Martufi noticed that the hood was still hot to the touch, despite the outside temperature being 27 degrees, confirming it was the vehicle trying to elude him.

He and the other officers checked for footprints in the snow and found none, indicating the suspect stayed on the dry pavement when he fled his vehicle and did not run in to the surrounding woods. He discovered the snow in front of the door to 282B Simmonsville Ave. was recently disturbed, even though identifiable print was left.

Martufi knocked on the door several times with no answer. He ran the registration plate to discover it belonged to Rocky Leslie, 31, 12 Geneva St., Providence. He was able to confirm he was the driver who passed him by viewing his license photo. The registration had expired as of July 2020. A tow truck was requested, and as soon as it pulled up, Leslie emerged and asked, “What’s going on here?” while trying to film the officers with his phone. Leslie was arrested for eluding a police officer, and he was complaint and did not resist arrest.

In the presence of another officer, Martufi asked Leslie if he wanted to discuss why he eluded his pursuit. Leslie replied, “I wish to remain silent.”

Leslie was later released with a Third Division District Court summons to appear, and Martufi noted that failure to appear would result in a warrant for his arrest.


Patrolman Adam Parkinson and several other officers responded to a disturbance in progress the morning of Feb. 14.

Upon arrival, he met with an unidentified Uber driver. He said he pulled his vehicle into the driveway, at which point the female rider entered the vehicle. Seconds later, the suspect – identified as Jakob Hendrix, 28, 195 Calvis St., Newport – was chasing after her and yelling.

The driver advised that an attempt was made to open the passenger side door. He believed he was going to physically remove the woman from the car. He locked the vehicle, at which time Hendrix allegedly began punching the windows and kicking the doors. The driver advised that he contacted police as Hendrix was yelling profanities and threatening him.

While attempting to speak with Hendrix, Parkinson said he smelled an alcohol beverage. Hendrix appeared to be unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech as well. Parkinson said Hendrix was verbally combative and he appeared to be attempting to goad all officers on scene into a fight by swearing and using insulting remarks.

After he was cuffed, Parkinson noticed that Hendrix has managed to slide the locked cuffs from behind his back to in front of him and was now using his phone to film all parties. Parkinson grabbed the phone and attempted to check his pockets for keys when he began to scratch his left hand, which began to bleed.

He was arrested and charged with vandalism/malicious injury to property and disorderly conduct.


Patrolmen Cody Weaver and Michael Martufi responded to a report of dispersal of an unwanted party the afternoon of Feb. 5.

Upon arrival, Weaver said he met with someone who explained that Michael Adolfo, 33, 216 Maple St., Newport, had been knocking on the door for several moments, but had left the scene without incident just prior to police arrival. Warrant checks on Adolfo showed that he had two warrants issued by Rhode Island Superior Court for failure to appear for arraignment. He and Martufi checked the surrounding streets for Adolfo and moments later was discovered standing next to 169 Greenville Ave. Weaver approached him and, upon confirming his identity, placed him under arrest.


Patrolman Thomas Pederzani and Arthur Petteruti were on a fixed post at 775 Hartford Ave. on the afternoon of Feb. 5 when they saw a vehicle traveling past them with no front registration plate.

Pederzani conducted a stop down the road and spoke with the operator Nicholas Lopes, 27, 12 Calumet Ave., Johnston. A procedural check revealed Lopes had an active warrant out of the Warwick Police Department on a charge of possession of fentanyl.

Lopes was placed under arrest and taken back to JPD headquarters, where Warwick Police eventually took custody of him.


Patrolman Charles Psilopoulos detained a vehicle in the area of 2071 Plainfield St. the morning of Feb. 10.

Procedural checks revealed that the driver – identified as Matthew Parenteau, 35, 308 Norwood Ave., Warwick – had an expired permit and this was his third offense. He was arrested on a charge of driving with an expired license or without a license, and he was released on scene with a Third Division District Court summons for June 7.


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