JOHNSTON MAYOR: ‘We now acknowledge irrational people rather than ignore them’

Polisena responds to Columbus statue concerns raised at Johnston Town Council meeting


Editor’s Note: The Johnston Sun Rise reached out to Mayor Polisena for comment regarding Johnston resident Tamra Moretti’s concerns regarding the planned placement of Providence’s former Christopher Columbus statue in Johnston’s War Memorial Park. The mayor replied with the following:

One of the problems with our society as a whole is we now acknowledge irrational people rather than ignore them. I choose to ignore the loud minority, particularly in this case, from one individual bringing up drone attacks and bridge removal, which rises to conspiracy theorist level.

I will continue to represent what I believe to be the silent, sane and normal majority of people. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I believe the majority of people are either for the statue or simply have more important things going on in their lives and don’t care one way or another. Rest assured, as long as I’m Mayor Johnston residents don’t have to be an “activist” to feel like they have a voice in Johnston.

Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena Jr.