Johnston man shows off his 1934 Cadillac in Newport Concours d’Elegance

From John Ricci’s Garage; Jay Leno pokes his head through suicide door's window


John Ricci showed off his 1934 Cadillac at this year’s Concours d’Elegance in Newport.

The Johnston resident met Jay Leno, and his daughter Jennifer posed for a photo with the car show judge and former late night television host.

Jennifer Ricci said the car show parade was “intense for all those classic cars.”

“Several overheated during the journey in the parade and afterwards waiting to place themselves  in their rightful class on the grounds of the Breakers,” she wrote. “We had a little setback our self on the ride to meet everyone at Fort Adams (which was arranged for a few participants)  but made it on time with no further issues. I recall eight cars overheating just at the entrance at the Breakers.”

The weather was perfect for showing cars most of the weekend.

“Sunday, Oct. 3, turned out to be a beautiful day for all participants,” Jennifer Ricci wrote. “The weather was great , the view was breathtaking and the cars were impeccable!”

Jennifer recorded video of her father talking to Leno, but she “got the golden picture with him!”

“That’s been my mission for the last two years and I was only able to get a quick video of Leno stopping by Dad to comment on his car because he parked in front of Dad for the parade,” Jennifer wrote. “Dad’s face lit up like a kid! It was priceless!”

She followed Leno around the show as he did interviews, and “finally got a fabulous picture with him which made my day!”

“After all, I watch Leno’s Garage all the time,” she said.

She also photographed the Cadillac at Fort Adams on Saturday, Oct. 2, “where the cars lined up for the big parade which ended on Bellevue Avenue.”

“My father had Jay Leno in front of him and Wayne Carini on his driver’s side,” she laughed.

John Ricci parked his car along Bellevue Avenue, where spectators could view his masterful renovation for free, while walking down the street. He bought the car 55 years ago, but took 40 years to truly launch its restoration.

He describes the finished product as a true “show stopper.”


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