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(Violent sequel)

The third in the violent John Wick sagas picks up where we left the hitman, running through the dark, rainy streets of New York City with a multi-million dollar bounty on his head. Fans of the series will be rooting for their anti-hero as he escapes every attacker via fast feet, horses and motorcycles, as just about every shady character appears to be on his tail. It is constant action for two hours and 10 minutes, filled with narrow escapes and bounty hunters around every corner.

If you are not a fan, you can follow the action without knowing what the Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon), the High Table or the significance of the Continental Hotel are. If you are not a fan, you will probably be turned off, as I was, by the excessive violence.

Literally hundreds of bad guys are brutally killed by guns, swords and endless hand-to-hand combat, most finished off with a few bullets directly to the head. Talk about overkill!

"Parabellum,” which is a type of gun, takes Wick from Broadway to Casablanca and back, with a stopover in the middle of the dessert. How can one man, dressed in a black suit and tie, fight and win so many battles, right down to the neverending finale?

Will John Wick survive and live on to fight some more? A wink of the eye tells me yes.

Rated a very big R, with the most violence and killings, including one that will certainly make you cringe.


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