Jain’s Laundry

Let them help carry your laundry load this fall


There is nothing in the world quite as wonderful as the Downy-fresh smell of clean clothes and clean linens. This familiar aroma evokes images of newly-washed clothes, hung on a clothesline to billow in the wind and dry in the warm summer sun.

While there are no clotheslines hanging in Jain’s Laundry, it is a common, daily experience to have your clothes and linens smell just as Downy-fresh as this sensory memory, every time you bring them home from this tidy laundromat on Putnam Pike.

Jain’s Laundry is a family-run laundromat in Johnston that has been in continuous operation since it was first opened by the Jain family in 1993. It is a place that has earned a reputation for cleanliness, trustworthiness, affordability, consistency, and friendly customer service. It is a place that provides an invaluable service for today’s modern family ~ both as a place where one can do all their wash in “one fell swoop” or take advantage of their convenient, same-day, wash-dry-fold service.

Cleaning your clothes and household linens is “essential work” but it does not have to be drudgery! If time is your most precious commodity, then why not bring your laundry to Jain’s Laundry for their drop-off service? Why not spend your time doing the things you love this fall and let Kaushal Jain help you carry the load?

For an incredible .69/pound, Kaushal will wash, soften, dry, and even fold your laundry – all in one day. Besides the convenience of this great service, this price also covers the cost of the softener, bleach, soap and hangers! What a bargain!

For the most competitive prices in the area, you will find both the wash-fold, same-day service offered by Kaushal here at Jain’s Laundry as well as a room full of coin-operated washers and dryers for the “do-it-yourselfers”. If you don’t have enough quarters, no worries ~ there is a change machine that accepts up to a $20.00 bill available here.

There are large capacity machines available for all size loads, from 25 pounds to 65 pounds. The top loading machines are available here for only $2.00 per load compared to $2.50 in most other places. Vending machines are also on-site if you need to re-stock your supply of detergent, softener, or laundry bags.

There is plenty of parking and a friendly, helpful staff here, ready to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers.

Jain’s Laundry is found in the Plaza 44 shopping plaza on 39 Putnam Pike. It is open seven days each week - from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday through Friday, and 7 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information about their services, call 401-231-7019.


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