Jain’s Laundry

For time-saving convenience, open 7 days a week


The great and iconic French impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh is attributed with coining the phrase: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” These words could accurately describe the years of small things that have added up to a create a 28- year “success story” for the local, family-owned business, Jain’s Laundry. Small things that have made life so much easier for the hundreds of patrons who have been bringing their laundry to this longtime business in Johnston for years and years.

Small things like automatic front doors so customers don’t have to prop a door open every time they come in and out of this convenient laundromat. Small things like a vending machine of detergents, softeners and laundry bags for those who needed more than they thought. Small things like a change machine on-site, newly installed high-capacity dryers, a comfortable seating area to wait between loads and rows and rows of machines so there is never any need to “take a ticket”!

Best of all, but hardly a “small thing,” is the presence of Kaushal Jain who came to America with her husband Sripal Jain from Meerut, India many decades ago. Through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, they have truly fulfilled the American dream of small business ownership. A testament to their diligence is also their remarkable 29-year-old son, Akshay, who obtained a Master’s Degree in Bio-Technology at Harvard University. Through small things come great and remarkable results.

Jain’s Laundry is a self-serve laundromat, but it also offers all the convenience of a wash-fold, same-day service. Here, the rates for this wash-fold service are unbeatable. For an incredible .69/pound, Kaushal will wash, soften, dry, and even fold your laundry – all in one day. This recession-busting price also covers the cost of the softener, bleach, soap and hangers! The math is simple enough – ten pounds of dirty clothes, dropped off in the morning and ready to go by day’s end – all for less than $7.00. In our cost-conscious world, these prices are unmatched.

If you are more the “do-it-yourself” type of person, you will also find a room full of coin-operated washers and dryers. There are large capacity machines available for all size loads, from 25 pounds to 65 pounds. The top loading machines are available here for only $2.00 per load compared to $2.50 in most other places.

Jain’s Laundry also has dryers that spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise. This prevents items such as blankets and comforters from bunching up in the middle and stops them from getting tangled up, twisted and wrinkled.

Jain’s Laundry is found in the Plaza 44 shopping plaza on Route 44. It is open seven days a week - from 8:00am to 9:00pm, Monday through Friday, and 7:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call 401-231-7019.


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