It’s official: Picozzi running for 2nd term

Posted 3/23/22


Mayor Frank Picozzi will seek a second term he announced in a Facebook post on Tuesday morning.

“Because so many people have been asking - today I’m announcing my …

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It’s official: Picozzi running for 2nd term



Mayor Frank Picozzi will seek a second term he announced in a Facebook post on Tuesday morning.

“Because so many people have been asking - today I’m announcing my intention to run for re-election to the office of the Mayor of the City of Warwick,” the post read.

About an hour after he made the post Liz Tufts, a spokesperson for Picozzi said that there were 919  likes and close to 200  comments mostly in support of Picozzi.

 “My administration has been completely open and transparent. No one gets special treatment or deals of any kind,” said Picozzi. “I'm going to remain an Independent candidate with no ties to political parties and will not seek endorsements of any kind.  I am very proud of my administration’s accomplishments these past 15 months and will run on my record when campaign season begins.”

In his announcement post Picozzi said “I’ve learned that I will have at least one challenger from the Democratic Party. Although he hasn’t officially declared there has been a flurry of behind the scenes activity- more on that later. I welcome the challenge.”

Asked specifically about it Picozzi said he learned lobbyist George Zainyeh

was talking to 2nd Congressional District candidate Ed Pacheco about running. Picozzi said he spoke directly with Zainyeh.

Picozzi said that Zainyeh wasn’t the only person working behind the scenes.

Picozzi said Ward 2 Councilman Jeremy Rix made some calls to his colleagues on the Council asking if they would support a Democrat for mayor if a candidate was to emerge. Picozzi said he got word of it last week.

“Jeremy Rix was calling people he didn’t name the candidate,” said Picozzi.

Asked about it Tuesday Rix said, "I have candid discussions with my colleagues to know what is going on and understand what they're thinking. “

“In my opinion, it's important to avoid exaggerating or making assumptions and running off with those assumptions as if they were true.  Some folks have different values, and that's how rumors get started,” said Rix.

Picozzi in an interview Tuesday morning said that he heard rumors that  Pacheco would be running against him. On Tuesday, Pacheco suspended his campaign for Congress.

“While public service has always been a part of my life and I believe it is important to elect candidates committed to bettering the lives of others, I have decided to suspend my campaign for Congress,” said Pacheco. “Recognizing the amount of resources necessary to run a competitive campaign, I’ve concluded it would be extraordinarily difficult to raise the money in this election cycle. This experience signals for me the need for campaign finance reform, leveling the playing field for everyday Americans to participate in our Democracy. Rhode Island’s future is bright because of its amazing people. Our strength comes from empowering each other and ensuring that future generations have more opportunities than the last.”

About an hour after Picozzi’s announcement Jonathan Boucher  a spokesperson for Pacheco said that Pacheco wouldn’t be running for mayor.

Reached Tuesday morning, State Democratic Party chair and Warwick Dist. 19 Representative Joseph McNamara said Pacheo called Monday to inform him he would not be running as a candidate for the Second Congressional District. McNamara assured the party would have a candidate for Warwick mayor, it would not be him and that he would consider an independent that both Republicans and Democrats could support.

 What qualities would he look for in such a candidate?

"It would be someone with a record of fiscal responsibility," he said. He also listed leadership and support of education.

Asked Tuesday if he would support Picozzi in his re-election bid or if he was open to supporting a Democrat for the seat, Council President Steve McAllister said, “I am extremely proud of the work this City Council and administration have done these past 15 months.”

“We have started a lease purchasing plan to replace our aging fleets, are making major investments in infrastructure, focusing on neighborhood improvements and passed a no tax increase budget to help our residents during this pandemic,” said McAllister. “My focus will be continuing to work hard for the residents of Ward 7 and the entire City.  On April 5th I am having a fundraiser where I will officially announce I am running for re-election for Ward 7 City Council.  That is where my focus will be this election season, working on the issues important to the residents of Ward 7.  The Mayor is not looking for endorsements.  We have a great working relationship that I believe benefits the residents of Warwick.  Other than the Mayor, no Democrat or individual from any party has spoken to me about running for Mayor.”

For now, Picozzi said that he is focusing on the city’s business.

“Until the election starts, I have a job to do,” said Picozzi.

He is holding a $125 ticket fundraiser April 22 at Chelo’s on Post Road.

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