Hooked on Netflix


After reviewing over three movies a week for the past 44 years, my life was drastically changed this March when movie theaters shut their doors.

I had never subscribed to HBO, Showtime or many of the “movie” channels, having seen them all on the large screen. They are still showing movies that I had reviewed.

My grandson bought me the hookup for Apple TV. I subscribed to Netflix, and I am hooked.

Catching up on ‘Ozark’ and ‘Breaking Bad’

Many of my younger friends have been hooked on binge watching, something that never interested me until I started watching “Ozark.”

I have just finished watching three years of the series starring Jason Bateman and my favorite actress, Laura Linney.

I reviewed Linney when she was a student actor at Brown, calling her a “promising young actress.” Her promise is fulfilled by her performance in “Ozark,” playing a character that you will love to hate.

You know more about money laundering by the end of the series than you ever thought.

A warning: You won’t like most of the characters and the profanity and violence can be heavy at times, but you will be hooked (there’s that word again) from the opening segment.

I am now watching “Breaking Bad,” the series that won Bryan Cranston all those awards. I have a long way to go before the last installment, but it sure makes the days go faster.

Movies to stream

While I’ve seen most of the movies, I did get a chance to catch “The Two Popes” and would highly recommend it.

If you want to lose yourself in a mindless adventure film, Chris Hemsworth’s “Extraction” will do the trick.

I watched “Spencer,” starring Mark Wahlberg as the famous Boston private eye, made famous by the late Robert Parker. The scenes of Boston are great, but the writers changed all the characters.

There is a very dark allegory called “The Platform” that viewers will either love or hate, and there are dozens of made-for-TV movies out there.

While Netflix doesn’t compare to sitting in a dark theatre watching a movie on the big screen, it is a good alternative during these stay-at-home times.


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