Has your life been enriched by talking heads?


To the Editor:
We’ve come a long way, or have we?
Sept. 2 marked the 56th anniversary of “The CBS Evening News” television show, changing its format from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
Granted, in 56 years, our society and culture have undergone many, many changes. To cite just a few, international geopolitics has been tipped on its ear. In addition, voluntarily or otherwise, technology has materially altered our lives (for the better?).
But even with all of these events, do we really need the four major TV broadcast networks and – at least by last count – six cable TV networks to give us 24/7 news (both real and fake), reporting and analysis?
I guess it boils down to this: has your life been enriched by all these talking heads?

Fred E. Joslyn Jr.


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