Graniteville students enjoy delayed 2021 Bunny Hop


Easter 2021 had come and gone, but neither Carolyn Roseman nor Christine Andrews was about to give up on the scheduled Bunny Hop at Johnston’s Graniteville School.

So, incorporating the pre-K school’s usual enthusiasm and excitement, Graniteville School played host to the famed Easter Bunny and children were all decked out in specially made “Bunny Ears” last Friday for what could possibly become an annual event.

“It was originally supposed to be held around Easter,” said Roseman, who is a co-coordinator at Graniteville. “However, we were on distance learning that week and had to re-schedule.”

Last Friday, Adamo – as well as the Easter Bunny, teaching assistant Raquel Londono – and many faculty members made the day memorable for each and every bunny ear-clad child who scooted all around the schoolyard.

Moreover, the event doubled as a highly successful fundraiser, which Roseman said, “reached our goal and will be purchasing outdoor physical education equipment for our school.”

Roseman then explained that “all our families were sent an envelope that stated they were collecting money that would be used for purchasing the [outdoor equipment],” and as Andrews, who played a major role in coordinating the Bunny Hop, noted “a special thank you to all our families that were so generous and enabled us to reach our goal.”

Meanwhile, Adamo – who is the Graniteville’s popular physical education teacher – could have been listed as the day’s star, as he took each class outside and told them that he has seen a giant bunny in the schoolyard. The children, under Adamo’s leadership, then hoped around the yard as part of their exercise class.

Needless to say, the children were ecstatic when the bunny appeared and began hopping all over the place.

“This was a good, old-fashioned Bunny Hop,” assessed Andrews, who has helped create similar successful and fun-filled events at Graniteville School. “The children even had fun making bunny ears and a special thank you goes to [teacher] Tess Arico, who put together the template to make the bunny ears.”


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