Fung touts working together, opponents whack candidacy

Posted 4/27/22


Former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung made his campaign to replace Congressman Jim Langevin official Tuesday at the Varnum Memorial Armory in East Greenwich.

“When we look through …

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Fung touts working together, opponents whack candidacy



Former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung made his campaign to replace Congressman Jim Langevin official Tuesday at the Varnum Memorial Armory in East Greenwich.

“When we look through our American history, great accomplishments come not by fighting each other, but by joining at the elbows, and saying let's change the world,” said Fung. “I don't think everyone in Philadelphia's Independence Hall saw eye to eye on 100% of the issues.  But they put those differences to the side, worked together, and together they forged the greatest democracy the world has ever seen.”

“I am running for Congress to return that same spirit to Washington DC,” said Fung.

Fung said that he wants to end “hyper partisan politicians and usher in a new wave of leaders who are laser focused problem solvers.”

“Nothing is impossible. We accomplished historic pension reform in Cranston when everyone said it couldn’t be done,” said Fung. “And it worked not by ramming things down our workers’ throats, but by respecting each other, and coming up with solutions at the table together.”

During his 12 years as mayor Fung said that he was able to work beyond party lines and ideological differences to “transform a city that was once on the brink of financial ruin into one of the Top 50 Cities to Live in America.  We didn't do this by digging ourselves into deeper ideological trenches. but by extending our hands to our neighbors and lifting each other up.”

“We pulled neighbors into lifeboats during the once in a century floods of 2010,” said Fung. “We delivered food and medications to our seniors and families in need during the pandemic.  We built playgrounds and recreation fields, a vibrant business environment, and a whole community that celebrated each other’s successes.” 

Fung said the problems facing the country are big.

“We've lost our energy independence as a nation, and our country is running on empty.  Instead of relying on our fellow American workers to supply our gas and oil, we are dependent on tyrants in Iran and Venezuela,” said Fung. “And every time we head to the gas pump, we think to ourselves – this is going to cost me the same amount to get to work this week as it would for a fillet mignon dinner at Capital Grille.”

Before the speech even began General Treasurer Seth Magaziner who is one of seven Democrats running for the seat issued a statement condemning Fung.

"The very first vote Allan Fung would cast in Congress would be to make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House so he can push an extreme right-wing agenda that would hurt Rhode Islanders by privatizing Social Security, cutting Medicare and repealing the Affordable Care Act,” said Communications Director Patricia Socarras.  “Rhode Island families are struggling with the rising cost of living. The last thing they need is to elect Allan Fung whose opposition to raising the minimum wage and making healthcare affordable puts him in lockstep with extreme national Republicans, who’ve shown they will stop at nothing to do Donald Trump’s bidding.”

The campaign also encouraged voters to visit the website “to see Allan Fung’s positions on issues important to Rhode Islanders.”

In a statement Wednesday George Nee the Rhode Island AFL-CIO President said “As an organization representing more than 80,000 working people across the State of Rhode Island, the RI AFL-CIO vehemently opposes Allan Fung’s candidacy for Congress and the agenda of the national Republican Party. As a mayor and candidate for Governor, Allan Fung was consistently against minimum wage increases; he opposed continuing contract legislation, which levels the playing field for workers against management; he was against the Affordable Care Act, which provided health insurance to tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders; and he supported Right To Work laws, which serve to destroy the unions that give a voice to working people.”

“Allan Fung has a long history of opposing policies that help workers in Rhode Island, and he will support a right-wing, anti-worker agenda on the federal level as well. We need a representative in Congress who will stand up for working people – not tear them down – and that’s why we have put our full support behind Seth Magaziner, who has consistently proven himself to be a champion for Rhode Island’s working families.”

On the issue of gas and oil prices Fung said that the country needs to admit that the current policies aren’t working and need to increase domestic production.

“We must tap into sources like our drilled but uncompleted wells and get the domestic supply back into the market,” said Fung.

On the environment Fung said “we can walk and chew gum at the same time by incorporating properly sited renewable energy projects into the mix.”

“ I think of solar on brownfields – like what we did at the old Capuano landfill in Cranston – and atop school buildings like we did at Cranston West.  Wind turbines that are not disrupting our precious fishing industry,” said Fung. “We can do more than one thing at a time, and we can become energy independent once again.”

Fung also said that the “uncontrolled inflation,” needs to be addressed.

“ It’s the number one worry for all hard-working middle-class Americans right now.  Inflation is so high that you are losing thousands out of your wallet because prices are skyrocketing, and your paycheck can’t keep up,” said Fung. “Is losing money what you expected from this administration? While the Vice President said voters ‘got what they asked for’ in the 2020 election, many in our state and this country are now asking if they can get a refund.”

Fung said that DC needs to “stop spinning its wheels and help.”

“ To check inflation, we need to put a stop to the insane progressive spending,” said Fung. “Does the Presidio Park in Nancy Pelosi's home district really need $200  million dollars?  We need adults in the room who can prioritize and say no to this nonsense, much like I did when I came on board in Cranston.”

Fung also pointed to investing in modernizing ports across the country including Quonset.

“Let’s also incentivize high tech manufacturers to make their products – like semiconductors –  right here in America... right here in Rhode Island. “We can welcome these companies to Johnston, to Cranston, to Warwick, and all across the district.  I want to pay the American worker to build our products, not be reliant on unstable regimes charging more for the everyday items we need.  Let’s rebuild our domestic strength and be a superpower once again.”

Fung also said that the district needs a leader “who will stand shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement and for the rule of law.”

“Because when rioters tried to come to Cranston in 2020, we said not here, not now, not never.  I stood alongside my police officers as we guarded the local business district, and then again as we stopped the ATV gangs from entering our city and terrorizing our residents,” said Fung. “We didn't back down, we didn't flinch, and we stood united.  Cranston remained safe because we stood strong together. “

Fung said that the country sees “progressive policies that are weak on crime, with rioting in our streets, and human trafficking and fentanyl pouring across our porous borders.  We see progressive leaders that protect looters more than small business owners.” 

“And this weak mindset is bleeding over into our foreign policy.  We once stood strong against the tyrants of the world,” said Fung. “ Now the US is in retreat, from the disastrous calamity in Afghanistan, to the genocidal insanity of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  Once, no one dared to challenge the United States.  Now, since the Afghanistan withdrawal, everyone is thinking ‘why not?"

Fung in his final pitch said “right now, our country needs strong leadership, our state needs strong leadership, and the men and women of the second Congressional district need strong leadership to right the economic ship and keep our neighbors safe. Now is the time to dream big dreams and do big things.”

“We'll bring common sense back to Washington DC and bring our successful formula from Reservoir Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Fung. “We'll help to end the hyper partisanship that has made us all disgusted with national politics.  I won’t be the partisan answer, but I will be the Rhode Island answer to our challenges.”  

Ahead of the kick-off event James Singer,  a spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said in a statement  “Rhode Island voters have rejected Allan Fung over and over again because they see him for what he is: a political coward more focused on serving himself than serving them.”

“Rhode Island can’t afford Fung and the Republican agenda to raise taxes, attack Medicare & Social Security, and strip away health care protections,” said Singer.

One notable in attendance for the kick-off was Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi. Picozzi said on Tuesday morning that Fung is a good friend but isn’t endorsing anyone.

Also in attendance was Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins who said he is endorsing Fung in the race.

Fung is set to face off against Bob Lancia in the Republican Primary.

Aside from Magaziner the Democrats in the race includes former state Rep. David Segal, Michael Neary, former Langevin staffer Joy Fox, Cameron Moquin, Omar Bah, and Sarah Morgenthau.

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