FROM THE JOHNSTON LIBRARY: It’s our duty to help those who served


Around the country libraries help veterans and their families in various ways.

 Veterans are entitled to an array of special services and programs, many of which are not well known among people who qualify, and since libraries are in the business of finding information, we can assist in identifying such programs, or in referring people to agencies that can help.

The library also helps people to learn computer skills they need in order to sign up for many services.

 Veterans often return home finding it difficult to relate to people who haven't been through what they have, and some libraries look for ways to partner with specialized agencies to provide programs where veterans can meet with other veterans, or with people who know the ropes of the services that are offered. While we don't have that kind of special knowledge, we are ready to help find it.

Libraries with greater preservation resources can collect letters and memorabilia, to help us remember some of what people experienced in the wars.

The Library of Congress has a wealth of digitized letters, photos and recordings of veteran's stories.  At Mohr Library, we can help you to find these, and also books about the experiences of veterans at war, and adjusting to coming home. No one can fully understand what they've been through.  It's important to try and understand as much as we can.

On another note, the Nov. 9 installment of "Songs of the Decades, conversations and videos" with Lloyd Kaplan and Tom Shaker, covers the 1940s. It's at Mohr Library, Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Jon Anderson serves as the Marian J. Mohr Memorial Library Director. Watch for his column weekly in the Johnston Sun Rise.


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