Dreamland Learning Center

Wishing you a happy holiday season full of childlike wonder


The late-autumn sun is streaming through the windows, casting a soft glow on a room full of infants ~ some of whom are napping blissfully in a crib designated just for them while others sway gently in a cozy swing nearby.  Meanwhile, a determined baby is pushing up in a pre-crawl stance, ready to take that next step in her development.   

This is a dynamic scene that plays out every day in Johnston’s Dreamland Learning Center on Hartford Avenue. Here, attentive caregivers are tending to a room of infants while elsewhere, toddlers are toddling, preschoolers are exploring, and rooms await the busy before & after-school crowd which arrives here every day. Each day at this sparkling clean and whimsically decorated center is filled with activity, learning, discovering and yes, even dreaming!  

Dreamland Learning Center, which accepts children from ages 6 weeks through age 12, is a bright, welcoming, and progressive center that was designed with every developmental milestone in mind.  The infant room is warm and bathed in soft colors, while the preschool and toddler rooms are decked with bold and stimulating colors.  There is even a life-size medieval castle in one room!   

Child-size furniture makes each room look comfortable and adapted to the needs of pint-sized early learners, while shelves are filled with toys and walls are strewn with art projects.  Centers are set up for imaginary play, arts & crafts, building, science, music, and story time.  

The after-school room is complete with long tables for homework time and everything that one would want for their child when they can’t be home.  Every space in this center is thoughtfully planned and designed to be developmentally appropriate and purposeful. The curriculum also includes ample time for outside play, exercise and healthy recreation. The outside playgrounds, divided for children of different age groups, make one feel like they are at an amusement park 

The curriculum and staff-to-child ratio requirements here meet the strict guidelines of the RI Early Learning & Development Standards while all staff are licensed; many are also CPR certified.  The staff work as a team with one goal in mind, to enrich the lives of the children over whom they have been given this very special stewardship.     

If you are looking for childcare for your child, come take a tour of this busy learning center. The center is open all year round, Monday through Friday. The day begins at 7:00am and ends at 5:30pm. For your peace of mind, every room in the center is equipped with security cameras.  

The Dreamland Learning Center is located at 1253 Hartford Avenue.  For more information, call them today at 401-280-1400 or visit their website at www.dreamlandlearningcenter.com. Accepting RI state subsidies! 

There are two other Dreamland Learning Centers in the area, one in West Warwick (call 401-828-8200) and its newest installation in Pawtucket on Newport Avenue (call 401-655-1000).


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