Dream Big Academy, Gymnastics and Ninja 

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There is no substitute for a place that nurtures your child’s confidence and sense of well-being.  With all the pressures of school, there is also no substitute for a place that provides healthy fun and an opportunity to stretch your child’s skills (and muscles!) Dream Big Gymnastics is just this place! 

Dream Big Gymnastics is a fully-equipped, modern gym in Cranston that is owned by Shannon Cornicelli. Cornicelli, who was herself an accomplished competitive gymnast, has used her many years of experience in the gym to create a place where prospective athletes of all ages can come to feel the excitement and thrill of the sport of gymnastics.  Her classes are not only instructive, they are also fun.  Her classes are not only competitive, they are also about “gymnasts supporting gymnasts.”  They are not only about skill-building, they are also about team building. 

The team of talented coaches at Dream Big Gymnastics have been gearing up for the fall term all summer.  They are excited to host new and former gymnasts and Ninja athletes who are ready to work hard and play hard. There is a diverse list of classes available for gymnasts and Ninja athletes of all ages and levels with new classes being added all the time to accommodate a growing demand.  Visit their website to check out all these classes and enroll.  

For those who love gymnastics and Ninja-style workouts/training, Dream Big Gymnastics provides the perfect setting.  Dream Big’s mission is to “provide children with a positive and fun-filled atmosphere that enables them to create their own goals and then empowers them to go after their dreams. This builds powerful, determined, and confidence qualities that will be embedded in their character.”  This philosophy guides every decision made by Cornicelli and her fellow coaches. 

What makes Dream Big Academy unique is its’ objective that gymnastics, while still competitive, are meant to be fun, unifying and growth-promoting.  One of the ways this goal is accomplished is through planned activities that go above and beyond, activities such as their popular Cartwheel and Pullover clinics and Back Handspring clinics which begin again THIS Saturday, the 17th. These provide an additional way to improve individual skills but also to build a team spirit at the gym. 

There are even Parent’s Nights Out for your child to attend while you head out for a night on the town. Parent’s Nights Out are held from 5:00pm to 10:00pm once a month including the next one on October 22nd 

Be sure to visit the gym’s website to learn more about upcoming meets such as the Halloween Meet on the weekend of October 15th & 16th and the Turkey Tumble on the 12th & 13th of November. 

For more details and to register for fall classes, check out their website at www.dreambiggym.com or call 401-228-8946. Dream Big Gym is located at 41 Comstock Parkway Way in Cranston. Follow the gym on Facebook and Instagram. 


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