Dream Big Academy  

To learn more and to register for class, visit them at www.dreambiggym.com 


There is nothing more awe-inspiring than watching a young gymnast leap, flip, swirl, spring and bound off mats, bars, beams, pummel horses, vaults and rings! The confidence and skill that it takes to do these complicated maneuvers is not something that happens overnight.  It takes a dose of natural talent, but it also takes commitment, dedication, practice and mostly, the help of equally talented and dedicated coaches. It also takes a heavy load of passion. 

Watching a Ninja Warrior master a piece of daunting equipment is just as inspiring and impressive.  It also requires practice and passion and guts!  Like gymnasts, Ninja Warriors come in all ages and sizes ~ boys and girls alike.  

For both gymnasts and Ninja Warriors, there is no better place than Dream Big Academy in Cranston to refine their skills, to stoke a passion for these sports and to be taught by the best coaches and instructors around.   

One of those coaches is Shannon Cornicelli, the owner and founder of this long-standing academy in Cranston. Shannon is herself an accomplished gymnast whose love of the sport and lifetime of experience have made her uniquely qualified to lead a team of other coaches at this state-of-the-art gym. She has made this gym her life’s work. 

What sets Dream Big Academy apart from its competitors is its’ objective that gymnastics are meant to be fun, unifying and growth-promoting.  In addition to their individualized class lessons, they accomplish these goals through planned activities such as their popular Cartwheel and Pullover clinics (on Oct. 8th and Dec. 3rd at 2:00pm) and Back Handspring clinics (at 3:00pm).  This provides these aspiring gymnasts a perfect opportunity to refine their skills. 

There are even Parent’s Nights Out for your child to attend while you head out for a night on the town. Parent’s Nights Out are held from 5:00pm to 10:00pm once a month including next month on the night of October 2nd & November 19th 

Be sure to visit the gym’s website to learn more about upcoming meets such as the Halloween Meet on the weekend of October 15th & 16th. The meet will be held at the gym.  Come see as the gymnasts dress up in their best Halloween costumes to march out to this great event (best costume in each session gets a free leotard!) 

On the weekends, why not host your child’s birthday party at Dream Big Academy? These parties are the “best two-hour, fun-filled parties around.”  This includes an hour and a half of structured gymnastics or Ninja instruction as well as a half hour in the gym’s party area. The gym supplies the festive tablecloths, balloons, and goody bags.  

For more details about these events and to register for upcoming classes, check out their website at www.dreambiggym.com or call 401-228-8946. Dream Big Academy is located at 41 Comstock Parkway in Cranston. 


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