Dismayed by Flanders' attack ads


To the Editor:
I am dismayed to see the negative ads Bob Flanders is using in his campaign for the Senate. They are undeniably “ad hominem” and unbecoming for a man of Flanders reputation. He claims to be independent of Trump, but to be independent of Trump is to be independent of Republicans who overwhelmingly approve of Trump, in spite of Trump’s catastrophic administration. After President Obama’s attempts to rein in the federal deficit, Trump and the Republican Congress have put it back into record-breaking debt. I doubt if
Flanders could resist the pressure to endorse Trump’s and the Republican’s dangerous embrace of reactionary economic theory.
Ironically, if Flanders were running for governor, I would seriously think of voting for him. He has a distinguished record of extraordinary administrative skill in the Courts and as receiver of the bankrupt city of Central Falls. As it is, independent-minded citizens such as myself remember fondly the type of Republican represented by John Chafee and even William F. Buckley; men who would have found a very cold welcome in the Republican as it is now constituted.
I remember when people accused the late Bruce Sundlun of waiting for a vacancy so he could appoint himself as Senator. Sundlun denied that and said he thought “being one of a hundred” did not suit a man used to giving orders that were followed without question. I like seeing a competent candidate for public office and I would encourage Flanders to run for Governor next time around. He could easily get the nomination and would be much better suited as chief executive of Rhode Island. And he could win without resorting to “ad hominem” attacks on a dedicated public servant like Sheldon Whitehouse, no matter how much you dislike his politics.

Joe Kernan


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Ned Flanders is the man we need in the senate. Sheldon is a democrat party hack. We need to have a republican party hack in there to represent RI's true nature.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mr. Kernan listed many good qualities of Bob Flanders which would benefit RI as a governor but I can't agree with him about being senator. I believe he would be a great senator and we need more Republicans to continue the progress. It seems to me, Mr. Kernan, that the news just reported that we have the lowest unemployment in 49 years. It seems to me that we have the most employed ever. So give Trump credit where credit is do. Give President Trump credit for what he and the Republicans have accomplished in spite of the disrespectful behavior of the Democrats

Friday, October 5, 2018

To my fellow Rhode Islanders: From Westerly to Burrillville, Pawtucket to Newport I hear the constant same complaint from most RI citizens. The complaint of how corrupt The State house is. Isn't it time we finally did something about the problem?

Since 1924 the Democrats controlled the State House. Here is what we can show for their control: THE highest sales tax in New England! The highest Taxes and fees on all utilities. The highest utility bills!, The highest Insurance rates! People will say that is not true. I say BS! I have the documents to prove it including utility bills. RI has one of the lowest pay scales as well! It is time to clean out the Democrats from the State house all the way to Washington. I am an INDEPENDENT. I am voting ANYONE but a Democrat on November 6th. For the sake of us, our children and our Grandchildren vote ANYONE but a Democrat as well.

Thank You and God Bless the USA and Our Military and Veterans,

Jeff Gross

Tiverton, RI

Monday, October 8, 2018