Department of Teleportation to conduct experiments at dusk



There are certain shows that bring a consistent clash of noise. The distortion and amplification are at peak levels while the song structures are all over the place with the audience feeling the intensity from the stage. On June 24 at dusk, there’s going to be something exactly like what I just described happening at 301 Harris Avenue in Providence. Local noise rock act Minibeast led by former Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott will be headlining a show with Boston experimental rockers Trinary System lead by Prescott’s former bandmate Roger Miller in the middle slot. Post-hardcore whippersnappers Department of Teleportation will be opening up the show at 8 p.m.

I recently had a talk with vocalist Marc Calhoun from the opening band about how their band got formed, musical growth, their debut record they put out last year and their plans for the rest of the summer.

Rob Duguay: When you, guitarist Sven Morse, drummer Bobby Gregory and bassist Scott Miller first got together for what would eventually be the Department of Teleportation, did you have any initial visions for the post-hardcore music style of the band or did it all form on its own through jamming and hashing out ideas?

Marc Calhoum: It was definitely jamming and hashing out ideas. There were no giant plans; we just wanted to see what we could do. We’ve known each other through various other things, which isn’t usually how people get to start a band from what I’ve found.

RD: Since those initial sessions, how do you feel the band’s musical approach has evolved?

MC: I think we’ve learned what we’re good at and I feel like we excel at editing. We can really chop things down without anyone being too precious about anything. I’ve been in a number of different bands and this one works really, really well.

RD: Last year you guys released your self-titled debut EP, so what was the experience like making the record with Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket?

MC: That guy is really amazing and he’s a really, really awesome engineer. He’s also a very good listener, he has really good ears and he’s really good at giving constructive feedback. He made us better by not letting us do easier things. The hard way usually gets you a little better result and we certainly found that out. That studio is literally world class -- it’s a buried treasure over there.

RD: It’s a great spot, I’ve been there a few times for shows. Is there anything about the Department of Teleportation that makes it different from other bands you’ve been in before?

MC: We’ve all just been in bands for a while and to a man we’ve kind of eliminated a lot of the things that get in the way of making great music. We’ve really honed it down and we’ve really been trying to do our own thing. Whatever label people want to give our band, that’s fine just come see us play.

RD: You have this show coming up at Dusk and you’re going to be playing there again on July 3 as part of RevivalFest. After these two gigs, what are the band’s plans for the rest of the summer?

MC: We have one more show in August at the News Cafe in Pawtucket and after that I don’t know if we have anything else booked. The pandemic nicely puts us in this sort of cycle where when it’s cold we sort of jam, record and make new music and as it gets warm we go out and perform. It’s interesting.


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