Collector's Sale of Real Estate






Johnston Municipal Court

1600 Atwood Avenue

Johnston, RI 02919

March 12, 2020

    The undersigned, Finance Director/Collector of the Town of Johnston, hereby gives notice that he will sell at public auction to the highest bidder at the Johnston Municipal Court, in said Town on the 12th day of Marc A.D. 2020 at 10:00 A.M. Local Time, the following described parcels of real estate (for the levy upon which notice is hereby given) or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the taxes which constitute a lien thereon, assessed September 30, 2018 and/or prior years, together with the cost and charges incident of this sale.

    Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws Section 44-9-19, if the real estate in which you have a substantial interest is purchased by the Town of Johnston and has not been assigned, you may redeem the real estate by paying or tendering to the Treasurer of the Town of Johnston the sum for which the real estate was purchased, plus a ten percent (10%) penalty of the purchase price if redeemed within six (6) months after the date of the sale. Beginning with the seventh (7th) month forward, an additional one percent (1%) of the purchase price for each succeeding month will be added, together with all charges lawfully added for intervening taxes plus interest threon at a rate of one percent (1%) per month and expenses assessed after the Collector’s Sale.

    Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws Section 44-9-21, if the real estate in which you have a substantial interest is purchased by someone other than the Town of Johnston, you may redeem the real estate by paying or tendering to the purchaser or his or her legal representatives, assigns or to the person or persons to whom assignment of the tax title has been made by the Town of Johnston, or the Treasurer, the original sum and any intervening taxes having been paid to the municipality plus interest thereon at a rate of one percent (1%) per month and costs, plus a penalty as provided in Rhode Island General Laws Section 44-9-19, or in the case of an assignee of tax title from Town of Johnston, the amount stated in the instrument of assignment, plus the above mentioned penalty.

    The right of redemption may be exercised only by those entitled to notice of the Sale pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws Section 44-9-10 and Section 44-9-11, and me be exercised at any time prior to the entry of Final Judgment in an action to foreclose the right of redemption filed pursuant to Rhode Island General Law Section 44-9-25. You are encouraged to review Rhode Island General Laws pertaining to tax sales and/or consult with an attorney concerning your rights.

    Pre-qualification of bidders, pursuant to R.I.G.L. 44-9-13 shall be conducted on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. at the Tax Collector’s Office, Johnston Town Hall, 1385 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919. Mail in registrations will be provided upon request. All forms must be received by the Town of Johnston at least two (2) days prior to the tax sale. No bidder registration forms will be accepted the day of the tax sale. The Town of Johnston reserves the right to accept or reject bidder registration forms for failure to register pursuant to the instructions. The Town of Johnston further reserves the right to deny access to the auction in the interest of safety, law, regulation, or otherwise.

    Each of the following described parcels will be sold for the nonpayment of the taxes assessed September 30, 2018 and/or as to certain of said parcels for the taxes assessed in prior years. Information as to the nature of the said taxes and assessments due on the several parcels may be obtained from the undersigned and will be announced at the sale.

    For a more particular description of said estates, reference is made to the Assessor’s Plats as the same appeared September 30, 2018, in the office of the Town Assessor or Assessors of said Town.



Joseph L. Chiodo, Tax Collector

Town of Johnston

PLAT/LOT  TAX OWNER                                                                       PROPERTY LOCATION

16/705         David Messere                                                                     17 Auburn Avenue

9/82             Marc E. & Wendy M. Boivin                                                 21 Pinewood Avenue

11/631         R. Lee and Jessica R. Brayton                                            171 Central Avenue

4/22             Susan Di Biase and Janet C. Rivelli                                   8 Baker Street

48/370         Gary and Denise M. Paplauskas                                         20 Barbato Drive

17/103         Laurinda Lemar                                                                     31 Becker Avenue

18/268         Webert Breton, Kerry L. Breton and                                      3 Birchtree Drive

                    Markentosh L. Brenton

48/434         Sarah Levine and Norberto R. Lobao, Jr.                             16 Blackberry Knoll Way

37/17           Arnold J. and Diane M. Smith                                              11 Bowen Street

37/65           Domenic A. Pennacchio                                                      24 Bowen Street

36/59           Patrick G. Integlia                                                                6 Bowen Street

53/158         State of Rhode Island                                                           22 Buratti Road

13/506         David Marsocci                                                                    66 Cedar Street

11/22           Wilhems H. Honore and Neresia S. Watson Honore           118 Central Avenue

11/142         Raymond Zanni                                                                    135 Central Avenue

23/30           Shannon Melia                                                                     281 Central Avenue

11/107         Marlene X. Leonardo                                                            22 Charter Street

39/252         Lesley A. and James V. Almeida                                        16 Chestnut Street

39/332         Maryann Grady                                                                     8 Chestnut Street

16/679         Robin M. Ruzzo                                                                    6 Clarendon Street

17/76           Linda A. Ferland Living Trust                                              25 Clinton Street

37/91           Flor A. and Nelson Ovalles                                                 19 Colony Drive

18/85           William A. Waldron                                                              3 Columbus Avenue

41/122         Nathan D. and Morgan L. Arruda                                          54 Dean Avenue

64/97           Christine A. and Hollyann Glaude                                       41Dix Avenue

13/128         Ann Marie Olivo                                                                   147 Dyerville Avenue

11/377         Ilsy Vasquez                                                                        9 Edwards Road

19/275         Ryan L. Geremia                                                                  4 Freedom Court

19/289         Michael N. Antonucci                                                           19 Freedom Court

34/35           Barbara A. Fracassa                                                            33 George Waterman

34/394         Antonio and Maria J. Dasilva                                               115 1/2 George Street

48/275         Dawn Sepulveda                                                                  18 Green Valley Drive

48/280         Nikhol E. DiTusa                                                                  8 Green Valley Drive

10/271         Majed Sabet                                                                         21 Groton Street

39/325         Ryan M. Porter Jr.                                                                 103 Harris Avenue

39/306         Joseph D. Bussolari                                                             86 Harris Avenue

16/643         Savannah Colon                                                                   12 Harrison Street

22/702         Raul W. Maldonado and Stephanie M. Maldonado             993 Hartford Avenue

36/112         Daniel and Jessica DiRocco                                               4 Hayes Avenue

49/6             Andrea Mallane                                                                    5 Hebdeen Street

14/312         Armando Herrera                                                                   101 Hedley Avenue

14/278         Francis R. Giordano                                                             66 Hedley Avenue

14/324         Joseph and Patti-Ann Lanni                                                 100 Hedley Avenue

16/564         Thiphakone Phouthakoun                                                    55 Highland Avenue

14/116         Jamie A. Davis                                                                     43 Homestead Avenue

14/123         Sengkham Duangpanya                                                       27 Homestead Avenue

15/235         Isaac Ortega                                                                         7 Hunter Avenue

16/205         Glen S. Verduchi                                                                  33 Jackson Avenue

10/88           Marcello A. and Tammy L. Bianchi                                     5 Jaffrey Street

15/237         Charles G. Yaghoobian                                                        35 Hunter Avenue

38/88           Susan M. Germain, Executrix of the Estate                        13 Harris Avenue

                    of Thomas E. St. Germain

16/356         F&C Investments, LLC                                                         90 Greenville Avenue (Lot 1)

16/356         F&C Investments, LLC                                                         92 Greenville Avenue (Lot 2)

38/111         U.S. Bank, National Association, as Trustee                      20 Buchanan Street

3/391           Ccorp Property Management, LLC and Nathan S.Lee         67 Bingley Terrace

20/387         Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee          12 Hargreaves Street

                    for the certificateholders of Soundview Home Loan Trust

17/15           Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee         27 Lee Street

                    for Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006-NC4

17/17           Arthur A. Beaucage III                                                          41 Lee Street

38/311         Francis Olasanoye and Taiwo Fadayomi                           30 Linden Street

34/222         Adelaide Realty, LLC                                                           22 Lyman Avenue

34/226         Michael Sukaskas, Jr.                                                         38 Lyman Avenue

34/225         Deanna and Ernest R. Perron                                               36 Lyman Avenue

2/93             Joseph N. Cassiere                                                              72 Maple Avenue

14/177         Oliver Bonacossi and Jocelyn Daluz                                  24 King Street

20/220         Alicia Achille Shackelton                                                    14 Kern Acre Drive

12/342         Nelson Figueroa- Sanchez and Silda Sanchez-Figueroa,                       416 Killingly Street

                    Luis A. Chavez- Figuerroa and Evilsa N. Sanchez-Figueroa

14/34           Frank Velleco, Jr. and Melanie Velleco                              657 Killingly Street

15/80           Killingly Realty, LLC                                                            666-668 Killingly Street

14/175         Frank Andrade and John Douglas Barr, II                            22 King Street

14/142         Robert J. Ferranti                                                                  31 King Street

15/361         David A. and Michael D. Leonard                                        65 King Street

15/305         Robert and April Rose                                                          66 King Street

15/280         Landi Family Holdings, LLC                                                71 King Street

34/187         Pedro J. Marty and Damaris Marty                                       81 Lafayette Street

10/371         Phaly Sin Thet and Michele Dibiasio                                  11 Laurie Ann Court

15/100         Hencock Constant and Daphney H. Constant                     49 Leading Street

15/422         Sergio A. Alvarez                                                                 90 Leading Street

17/34           John J. Tomasso and Debra A. Tomasso                           14 Lee Street

12/8             Kevin M. Flynn and Emma R. Manganaris                          3-5 Merilline Avenue

4/12             Walter V. Guravskas                                                            30 Mill Street

3/139           James E. McCreery                                                              16 Mill Street

37/41           Robert E. & Jennifer L. Cardullo                                           18 Milton Street

8/5               Patricia Anne Picard & Angelo A. Lisa                                55 Morgan Avenue

1/69             Morgan Estates Condominiums Association                      47 Morgan Avenue

41/156         Joseph L. Bracey Jr. & Tonya L. Bracey                             4 Mowry Avenue

47/154         Estate of Richard F. Provost                                                55 Mulberry Circle

20/347         Juan Catala                                                                          4 Albert Drive

20/348         Teena M. Bertrand                                                                6 Albert Drive

21/403         Daniel Phrasathane                                                              35 Niverville Street

44/261         Korrine Marino, Barbara Pilkington & David Pilkington       10 Alcar Drive

22/258         Jospeh G. Cooper Jr. & Mariangelin Perez                         28 Niverville Street

12/277         Michael J. Tomlin & Stephanie L. Tomlin                           48 North Olney Street

18/319         Jexsy Armstrong & Soni Armstrong                                     8 Pinecrest Drive

2/199           Michelot Leon                                                                       1158-1160 Plainfield Street

2/105           Anadil Jimenez                                                                    1223 Plainfield Street

3/369           Kelvin Rafael Taveras                                                         1318 Plainfield Street

4/19             Lindsay C. Suarez & Jaime Suarez                                     1437 Plainfield Street

14/227         Lin Kingkanya & Soulany Thiravong                                   35 Pleasant View Avenue

2/50             Steve Ethier                                                                          78 Pocasset Street

40/130         Patrick O’Connor & Catherine Somerville                           26 Riverside Avenue

37/ 160        Ricardo Vargas & Ana Vargas                                             26 Allendale Avenue

16/42           Valerie I. Wigginton & Eugene E. Wigginton                       256 Rosemont Avenue

16/742         Ernest P. Jarbeau Jr. & Kelly N. Brady                                263 Rosemont Avenue

12/377         Yomayra Reyes                                                                    19 South Long Street

11/171         Scott Santos & Cherylanne Turgeon                                   17 Schofield Street

35/193         Jason Cardilli                                                                       9 Rice Street

40/145         Brian S. Rittall                                                                      17 Riverside Avenue

39/174         Mitchell P. Vieira & Jon R. Delgizzo                                   64 Serrel Sweet Road

39/159         Scott A. Simpson                                                                 51 Serrel Sweet Road

39/177         Corey T. Kennedy & Crystal L. Huard                                  72 Serrel Sweet Road

16/724         Scott R. McHugh                                                                  3 Seville Avenue

3/84             Wayne B. Warner & Elizabeth A. Warner                            13 Simmons Street

35/247         Daniel J. Hawkins & Karen Ann Hawkins                            13 Spring Hill Drive

5/294           Rosa and Antonio Ritacco                                                   19 Starr Street

4/184           Anthony A. Di Biase Jr.                                                        61 Angelico Street

37/98           Lucille F. Hasney                                                                 23 Tabor Drive

37/141         Paula P. Couto                                                                     25 Teakwood Drive

14/389         William l. Osborne & Jamie S. Osborne                             26 Traver Street

18/213         Ana Iris Pizarro                                                                     58 Union Avenue

15/214         Raymond S. Hill & Celina Hill                                              102 Victor Avenue

15/203         Steven Gaunt & Kimberly Gaunt                                         57 Victor Avenue

15/323         Holly J. Bradley & James J. Bradley Jr.                              33 Victor Avenue

15/369         Mario K. Simpson                                                                 96 Victor Avenue

7/113           Clifford Fortin                                                                        104 Walnut

2/101           Elias R. Urizar                                                                      57-59 Walnut Street

2/131           Kristen L. Gendreau                                                             62-64 Walnut Street

2/107           U.S. Bank, National Association, as Trustee                      92 Walnut Street

                    for RMAC Trust

16/277         Robert C. Lourenco                                                               11 Waterman Avenue

16/281         Arnold Casimir                                                                      19 Waterman Avenue

16/610         Marco Calvo & Laritza Calvo                                               55 Waveland Avenue

64/93           Judith M. Oneil                                                                     11 White Drive

11/477         David J. Manfredi & Marie A. Manfredi                                5 Winfield Road

11/447         Andrew Leonesio                                                                  65 Winfield Road

38/78           Jose Garcia                                                                          15 Wynchwood Place

2/153           Claudia J. Cabrera & Axel Cabrera                                      1167 Plainfield Street

38/341         Paula Romano                                                                      12 Wychwood PLace

10/229         Julienne Auguste                                                                 10 Groton Street

10/116         Tinna L. Chan and Heng Ni Mau                                          10 Enfield Street

49/118         Roberta R. Gilbert                                                                 9 Camille Drive

37/39           Carlos and Alba Hernandez                                                 350 George Waterman Road

47/104         John Furtado                                                                        12 Barnes Avenue

47/257         Robert C. Lourenco                                                               3 Paula Lane

2/306           Anthony Jackson and Othilia S. Tarbah                             7 Calef Street

49/231         Gina M. and Michael A. Picerno                                          6 Steere Street

36/40           Isatta Kuyateh                                                                      80 Allendale Avenue

6/124           Lidia Fernandez                     &


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