CBD ReLeaf Center “To feel your best, from the inside out”


For June Desjardins, it is personal. As a young woman in her late 40s, June is in the middle of the battle of her lifetime, and to fight this battle, she has added CBD-infused products to her arsenal. When June’s cancer-related pain required her to use two strong opioid-based painkillers, she knew it was time to explore some other healthier and more organic options. Her ardent search led her to Koi® brand CBD-products.

CBD provided the relief the June was looking for and gave her a new sense of purpose, a true mission. That mission is to help share with others how CBD has changed her life. That mission has taken the shape of her newly opened store on Atwood Avenue, the CBD ReLeaf Center. It is here where June can talk with other people who are dealing with daily struggles, just like her own. It is here where June can empathize with others who are on a similar journey ~ and to reach others who have plenty of concerns and questions of their own.

Those who find themselves “wading” into the world of CBD should know that CBD is many things. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that does not produce the “high” associated with THC. CBD is non-addictive. CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis and hemp plants – it is a natural, organic product. Mostly, CBD is known for its healing properties, offering untold benefits for both the mind and the body.

The benefits of CBD to the mind include relief from anxiety, depression, OCD, post-traumatic stress, neurological disorders. CBD products have also been used successfully for physical ailments such as chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, nausea, diabetes, arthritis (and all forms of inflammation), epilepsy, cardiovascular problems and even skin disorders.

CBD ReLeaf Center is a retail shop that sells Koi® brand products. This center joins other independently owned stores throughout the region who sell this specialized line of CBD-infused products. June took great care in choosing this particular line. She wanted products that were 100% all-natural, lab-tested and completely THC-free. As someone whose life has been significantly impacted by these products, she is a living example of the effectiveness of this brand.

The motto of CBD ReLeaf Center is “Feel your best from the inside out.” For those who feel they have exhausted all other avenues of relief , who come to this store and who take the time to learn more about the benefits of CBD, they will begin to feel a sense of renewal and hope, from the inside out.

CBD ReLeaf Center is located at 1500 Atwood Avenue near the intersection of Atwood and Hartford Avenues. The center is open seven days a week with hours on Monday – Saturday, 10am to 7pm; and Sunday, 11am – 4pm. For any questions, call owner June Desjardins at 401-274-4596. You can also learn more on Facebook.


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