Buttonwoods Brewery’s Oktoberfest returns with music, beer & more


With this year’s summer nearing its final weeks of existence, it’s only a matter of time until we all start wearing our favorite flannels and hoodies while experiencing the beautiful New England fall. This seasonal transition brings about a variety of things and in the craft beer world it means that Oktoberfest is upon us. The annual German tradition that originated in Munich is going to be officially starting in a couple weeks and Buttonwoods Brewery on 530 Wellington Avenue in Cranston is putting their own spin on the event. For its fifth year, this version of Oktoberfest is going to be having live music, special brews and delicious food while taking place on the brewery’s parking lot patio on September 16. It starts at 12 noon while being family friendly and all ages along with it being obviously required to be over the age of 21 to imbibe in alcoholic beverages.

The folks at Buttonwoods love the fall season because it enables them to brew one of their favorite beers that they only have available for a limited amount of time. They’re also very excited for the upcoming Oktoberfest and there will be a lot going on to keep attendees entertained throughout the day.

“Our annual Oktoberfest is probably our favorite event out of all the events we put on throughout the year and this one is shaping up to be one of the best yet!,” says Buttonwoods’ Tasting Room Manager Jennie Paquin. “Fall is our favorite season and we look forward to kicking it off each year with the annual release of the beer that we feel captures all those autumnal feelings in a can, or keg, Oktoberfest! This year we have our friends and local pop-punk cover band The Carson Daily performing live starting at 4pm. It's a free show, open to all ages and dog friendly too! Screaming Unicorn will also be cheffing up a special German inspired menu.”

“Think sausages, schnitzel and some seasonal veggie options for the non-meateaters,” she adds. “We will also be firing up the hot pokers for Bierstacheln, which is when we take a specially designed stainless steel poker, heat it up over a flame until it glows red, and briefly dip it into your beer. This process quickly caramelizes any residual sugars in the beer giving it a lightly toasted marshmallow flavor and a warm toasty head. We brew our traditional style Oktoberfest only once a year and it doesn't last long so coming by the brewery and celebrating with us is the best way to enjoy it!”

With there always being a chance of inclement weather around these parts, if it begins to rain or anything of the sort then there are plans to put on Oktoberfest inside the brewery. Regardless of what happens, if you enjoy craft beer and a good time then you should stop by Buttonwoods Brewery on September 16. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun while being a more than proper way to ring in the crispness of fall.