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(Unbelievably dumb action movie)

Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a war hero who is killed in action but is brought back to life as a robotic killing machine who can re-enhance his body parts after they are blown away.

Taken from a comic book series, our hero was supposed to have lost any memory of his past, but somehow he remembers that the bad guys have killed his wife. He wakes up in a laboratory with all sorts of electronic equipment and a mad scientist (Guy Pearce) controlling him.

The visual effects are all over the place, making little sense to this ridiculous story that provides a setting for Diesel to beat up and kill, using his muscular body and strength to wipe out all the bad guys, as he shouts out, "I told ya I'd find ya.”

Rated PG-13, even though there is profanity and lots of killing.


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