Bittersweet over IGT


To the Editor:

With all the questions surrounding the no-bid contract to IGT I thought I'd weigh in with my personal experience.

I was hired August 8, 1983 by GTECH, or Gaming Systems as it was called at that time. I was laid off on May 8, 2019 after 35 years and nine months to the day. Also on that day around 10 of my colleagues were laid off. Most of these employees had many years of experience. I wonder if Governor Raimondo knows of this? I'm only asking because I never heard any stories on the IGT layoffs from the TV news stations or The ProJo. And these were good paying engineering and technical jobs that she supposedly cares about.

One more supposed coincidence about my lay off. About 10 days before, I suffered a TIA or mini stroke and spent the weekend in Kent Hospital. I informed my superiors I would probably be needing some time for doctor visits that I had coming to me, and less than two weeks later...gone.

If I sound bitter it's actually bittersweet...I'm bitter about the way my career ended at GTECH but it's sweet that I don't have to listen to upper management tell me how it's all about the people that make IGT great, how we could have never gotten this big without all your help and then when I'm nearing retirement sent packing. That's not what I call saving Rhode Islanders’ jobs.

Plus, the only way that the Don Sweitzer appointment is ethical is as Bill Reynolds of the ProJo would say: "This is a full Rhode Island"!

Nicholas J. Vitullo



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I agree with you 100%. I actually worked on the Legacy IGT side and there were rounds of layoffs people endured when the two corporations merged. I wonder how that worked in with their contract commitment to keep the jobs in RI! I too am relieved I no longer have to deal with the incredible BS that is pumped out of IGT. It is all smoke and mirrors. There are a lot of people that know what really happened and it isn't pretty.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
not important

And I thought I was the only one...

Apparently lots of us were let go last May. No word on the news since was it wasn't a major layoff. Not surprised.

Why advertise it?

Would be interesting to know how many were actually affected.

For me I can only say I'm glad it ended. The stress level was too much but (stupidly) I cared too much to leave.

Life is better now

Thursday, August 29, 2019

I heard Mattiello on Talk Radio today and he stated that there is an incestuous relationship between IGT and the Lottery. About time! They have been in bed together for the past 20 years. Why not ask Aubin why there were over 300 dud games on the floor instead of working games that make money. Because no one is paying attention and doing their job. But by all means, lets hand them over another 20 year contract.

Friday, September 6, 2019