BACKYARD SPACE in JOHNSTON: The Elephant Trunk Nebula


The Elephant Trunk Nebula is located in the constellation Cepheus and is about 2,400 light-years from Earth.

It is a dense elongated cloud of gas that contains some early protostars that have been forming for quite some time.

Before shooting some Ha the other night, I took about an hours worth of RGB to give the stars a more natural look. Used an unusual channel combination method from various methods I've learned, and like the look of the stars and nebulosity in this HArgb composition.

Shooting during full moon phases arent ideal conditions, clouds in New England have been a real buzz kill. Hopefully the fall weather brings at least a steady flow of clear nights.

This image was captured from my backyard in Johnston.

 EDITOR’S NOTE: Lucas “Luc” Maguire captured this image from his backyard in Johnston. He will be submitting his deep space images to the Sun Rise for publication each week. Maguire’s photography can also be found at his Instagram account @oceanstateastro and his Twitter feed @OceanStateAstro.


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