Authentic Peruvian cuisine at Sharks

The spacious dining room at Sharks is bright and inviting.
The spacious dining room at Sharks is bright and inviting.
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No more do people make fun of Central Falls.

The tiny mile-square city is now famous for Viola Davis, one of the world’s greatest actresses and benefactors.

It is quickly becoming the destination for Rhode Island’s finest ethnic restaurant-Sharks.

Located at 1420 Broad St. in the center of the city, Sharks occupies a renovated mill building along the Blackstone River.

When the weather gets warmer, diners will enjoy their Peruvian cuisine sitting outside along the river.

Peruvian food is unique, as we discovered on our visit to the friendly, colorful country. Famous for the spices and flavors added to their seafood, steaks and chicken, Peruvian chefs love to invent interesting combinations of foods and flavors.

The only item we didn’t find of the extensive Sharks menu was guinea pig, the bony little animal found in most lower income homes. (Tastes like chicken).

We were overwhelmed by the menu, but our waiter had an excellent suggestion-The “Exquisite Gormet (sic)” selections, offered at market price ($50 for two last week) and enough to satisfy us and enjoy leftovers the following day.

The meal comes in a large tray with a whole fish in the center. We enjoyed making eye contact and picked away at the sweet meat until all that was left was the head and bones.

Surrounding the fish was the tenderest tiny squid, steeped in delicious sauce.

Piled high on top were shrimps, mussels, octopus, clams, scallops, sweet potato, corn, white potato a vegetable we couldn’t identify, plus seasonings that brought out exquisite tastes.

It was, by far, one of the most interesting and satisfying meals we have ever eaten.

We wisely skipped the appetizers and desserts, saving them for another day when we order one of the dozens of seafood, meat and chicken dinners, all around $22. The Paella looked to be popular and is on our list, along with one of the many shrimp dishes.

There are several large tables, a small private dining area, and on the second floor, a banquet room.

Despite its large dining area, the restaurant has an intimate feeling.

If you want fine dining at reasonable prices, check out Sharks.

Be adventurous. The fish won’t bite you.

For reservations, call 599-5038.