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If you were a fan of the old Twilight Zone series, you’ll like these short episodes that stretch the imagination and often step into a new dimension.

There are three episodes spread over five seasons. Like Twilight Zone, some are five star and others will leave you confused.

Some of them are R rated, including one about London’s Prime Minister who is pressured into performing an obscene act on TV in order to save the princess from kidnappers.


Paul Rudd plays Miles, a poor soul whose marriage and job have hit rock bottom, causing serious self image problems.

A co-worker suggests a visit to a spa where he is cloned into Miles 2, a suave, sophisticated winner.

By simply donning glasses, rumpling his hair and slouching, Rudd succeeds in creating two characters. Clever camera work puts them side by side, as they fight for their wife’s attention.

Who will win her affection and how will this comedy end?

It’s a clever idea, even if it gets a bit silly. Miles 1 certainly doesn’t look like the sexiest man on earth.


Amazon Prime has a couple of George Carlin concerts, one that he performed at age 70.

We remember Carlin from his appearances at the Warwick Musical Theatre, where he pushed the envelope with the routine about certain words you can’t say on television.

Times have changed, as the comedian uses one particular word as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb in just about every sentence.

He has also grown more bitter, political, and downright mean as be takes shots at particular people and the human race in general.

Be warned.


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