Alluring Visions Wellness Center

Home to the revolutionary FARMASI-brand products


If you have never heard of the world-renown brand “FARMASI”, you are about to learn about one of the most innovative and revolutionary brands in the world.

FARMASI is a product line that was started over seventy years ago by Dr. Cevdet Tuna, a prominent doctor who established one of the first pharmaceutical factories in Turkey. Far ahead of his time, Dr. Tuna formulated some of Turkey’s first medicinal products, including cough syrup, painkillers, burn ointments, and cough lozenges. Dr. Tuna was famous for his unwavering dedication to his work, and for how he personally attended to every step of the development of his products.

In 1950, Dr. Tuna’s work expanded into the beauty and health sector when he founded the official brand FARMASI. Today, his formulations are synonymous with the terms innovative, reliable, and sustainable. They are considered “cutting edge” in the health and beauty industry.

All FARMASI products are dermatologically tested, non-GMO (non-genetically modified), and predominantly vegan. Moreover, they are free of heavy metals, parabens, gluten, or the harsh foaming agent Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and for animal advocates, they are not tested on animals. These products are the answer to those seeking glowing, vibrant, and healthy skin and to those who want to feel beautiful and radiant from the inside out.

Today, FARMASI is run by Dr. Tuna’s equally dedicated sons Emre and Sinana Tuna. They continue to represent the integrity and mission of their father’s work and are very selective about who they entrust this hard-won reputation to. This is why Wayne and Michael Medeiros of Alluring Visions Wellness Center in Cranston are so special.

Alluring Visions Wellness Center is the “vision-come-to-life” of its co-owners, Wayne and Michael Medeiros. These partners and business owners opened the very first and only wellness center in the United States and Puerto Rico that is dedicated specifically to selling FARMASI products. Supported and sanctioned by the Tuna brothers, Wayne and Michael opened this modest but completely stocked center in July of 2021.

Alluring Visions Wellness Center is home to shelves and shelves of FARMASI products. Clients will find everything from skin care products to their equally as environmentally-conscious household cleaners here. Whether you need makeup, facial cleansers, makeup removers, toothpaste, soap, haircare and fragrances for men and women, you will find them here.

If you have any questions, Wayne and Michael have been extensively trained on all FARMASI products and they will guide you through.

As if it could get any better at Alluring Visions, you will also find a full “bar” of custom-made drinks here, all made with FARMASI products. All the drink mixes contain collagen. These include coffee, energizing teas and flavored shakes. What a healthy way to start your day!

Alluring Visions Wellness Center is located at 1563 Cranston Street. Find them at Facebook (Alluring Visions Wellness Center) and Instagram (@AlluringVisions1563). For all your questions, including hours, call 401-942-0150. Open seven days a week.


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