Alluring Visions Wellness Center

Introducing FARMASI-brand products to Rhode Island & the USA


If you have never heard of the world-renown beauty and health product brand FARMASI, your world is about to be rocked ~ so hold on tight!

FARMASI is a product line that was started over seventy years ago by Dr. Cevdet Tuna (also known as Dr. C. Tuna), a prominent doctor who established one of the first pharmaceutical factories in Turkey. While his earliest formulations began with pharmaceutical products, his company evolved into the beauty and wellness sectors where his formulations are now synonymous with the terms “clean, innovative, reliable, and sustainable.” What sets Tuna’s products apart from their competitors is Dr. Tuna’s unwavering commitment to using the highest quality and purity of ingredients. These health and beauty products exceed the highest standards in the industry.

Today, FARMASI is run by Dr. Tuna’s equally committed grandsons Emre and Sinana Tuna. They carry on the integrity and mission of their grandfather’s work and are very selective about who they entrust this hard-won reputation to. This is where the “rocking your world” part comes in!

The city of Cranston proudly welcomes Alluring Visions Wellness Center, the FIRST & ONLY center in the United States and Puerto Rico dedicated entirely to selling FARMASI products! Located on Cranston Street, Alluring Visions Wellness Center is the vision of its co-owners, Wayne and Michael Medeiros. Working closely with the Tuna brothers, Wayne and Michael opened this warm and welcoming center/retail shop in July of 2021. They proudly represent the FARMASI brand and are excited to share it with the residents of the city, and beyond.

When traveling down busy Cranston Street, be sure to stop in and see the huge selection of FARMASI products sold here. If you are looking for a skin care line that will give your skin a dewy and fresh look, you will find it at Alluring Visions. If you are looking for a clean makeup line that gives your face a radiant, healthy glow, let Wayne help you find just what you are looking for. If you are tired of chemical-laden household cleansers, check out all the FARMASI cleansers available here. Wayne and Michael know everything there is to know about these products.

The primary goal of Wayne and Michael is to help their customers be the very best they can be, and to reveal that physical and emotional wellbeing from their inner core, all the way to the tip of their fingers! FARMASI products are for men and women.

Beyond these groundbreaking products, you will find a full “bar” of custom-made drinks made with FARMASI products. All these drink mixes contain collagen. They include coffee, energizing teas and flavored shakes. What a great (and healthy) way to start your day!

Come explore the shelves of Alluring Visions Wellness Center, located at 1563 Cranston Street. Find them at Facebook (Alluring Visions Wellness Center) and Instagram (@AlluringVisions1563). For all your questions, including hours, call 401-942-0150. Open seven days a week.


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