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So, this weekend was the first time that I actually went to a restaurant or music venue. I was a little hesitant, but my social self wanted to go out so badly that I decided to do it.

On Friday night I went to a local outdoor restaurant at a marina. It was great. The staff had masks on and the tables were socially distant enough that I felt comfortable.

The next night I went to a music venue. This experience wasn’t as good. They had a guy at the door with a mask, taking our names and phone numbers. He was not checking IDs so really you could of written anything down. They had an outside area for the band and several tents for the customers. There was no social distancing and people were right on top of each other.

My friend and I were lucky enough to get a seat off to the side. There were probably three hundred people in this small area and I was amazed that smoking was allowed. I kept my distance, had alcohol spray with me and refrained from going to the bathroom.

Yesterday I went to see a local band at an outdoor venue. They required masks anywhere except if you were sitting at your table. I felt comfortable with that. The waitresses had masks on and were very polite and respectful of our space. The dance floor was closed but you could dance at your table if you wanted. Of course, I did!

So, this weekend was my first time out and about and I loved it. It was interesting who was conforming to the rules and who was just going through the motions. What I learned was that I need to protect myself and be in charge of my safety!

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