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I can't help but be reminded of this quote:

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt.

It comes down to the Democratic party here in Cranston continues to basically publicly and intentionally confuse, cloud, question, almost vilify ANTHING that is spearheaded by: you guessed it: a well-known, current or former Republican. No matter what the cost, in money, or in time. Especially when it comes down to something major, and visible, like the Park Theatre, or the Budlong Pool, which are city landmarks and the likes of which would be stamped as primarily sponsored and executed on by Republicans for decades to come. Well hell no, the D's aren't going to let that happen, especially with an election coming up next year, without at least getting their initials engraved in the poolside concrete!!

For starters, the Theatre was an IDEA. It's now been vetted, and seems as of this week it's no longer being considered. However, boy were we entertained by the water-bottle smashing, political flip-flopper yelpers, who instead chose to make the IDEA all about people, their connections, who their "political allies". It was, ironically, nothing but, political "theatre" .

So now we move back to the Budlong Pool...and boy if you like theatre, this one is a couple of large popcorn buckets worthy. The last meeting lasted 5 1/2 hours, with the mayor and team of experts from Weston & Sampson sharing an extremely compelling idea,..or, more appropriate, a SOLID BUSINESS CASE: within budget, and within a timeframe that would likely have the pool open by next summer...FINALLY, after 4 years. But yes, a "smaller" (I believe 7000-8000 sq foot plus), yet still one of the biggest public pools in New England, with a modern bath house, even a splash pad, and, based on historical volume of attendees shared at that meeting, one that would still be MORE than enough capacity. Having been in the business world for 30-plus years, part of many multi-million dollar deals, it was an A-Plus presentation and one that frankly should be a no brainer, yes.

But alas...enter the Democratic "performers"...on the theatre stage of Cranston East, coincidentally, who are now wanting to direct the number of lap lanes, or back apparent "overwhelming constituent desires" (many of these constituents came to the podium with prepared notes given to them outside the entrance to the school....probably on Donna Brazile letterhead) to fix the current pool, or maintain its shape and size despite the logic of higher maintenance costs, or insistently harp (I wish I could draw a few of these players actually playing the would be so appropriate) on how they haven't been "involved" or "notified in advance" of these plans.

Let's be fair: on this last point, sure, there's probably a debate that could be had about why so much time has gone by, why wasn't this excellent presentation made earlier, etc. But as they say in "show business", the SHOW must go on....

and in this case, this pool situation needs to get resolved. The next "act" in this play is the meeting on September 25. Listen to and applaud the experts: the engineers, and those that have the best interest of the CITY in mind...not their own personal gain. Let's bring this to a close so that Cranston kids, residents, etc. can have our pool next summer. Let's stop making this item the Cranston RI version of the Hollywood writer's strike. Or soon, like the current state of no new TV new movies, it'll be "the Theatre is Dark"...both for the Cranston residents who will once again have NO pool next summer....

.....and subsequently for those of you that have intentionally shut the spotlights off, for nothing but yourselves, we STILL SEE YOU. You know who you are, and we will remember next November.

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