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I believe institutions must be brought back with more modern and focused training, treatment and when necessary guidance. First find out who has what issues. There are way too many panhandlers standing on street corners scamming people. This is well do***ented if you do a quick search on the web.

If people are homeless, then shelter in the way of a barracks will be provided. No drugs or alcohol permitted. If they are intoxicated they will be brought to the State Hospital, a cot and water will be provided a doctor and nurse will monitor. This will not get anyone out of work the next day.

If jobless work in the form of cleaning and maintaining the living area and then training. Everyone can do something. What is needed is focus and the willingness to do what's needed.

What I described above may sound impossible, yet your example of Ruby with help of an officer that did what was needed, not necessarily what the dog wanted, worked.

From: We should learn from Ruby’s example

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