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idiot: Personally, I do not want "more" services, but I do want my tax dollars to be more efficiently utilized. You might want to take a look at the value you're receiving for living in a high tax state. Are state services any better than, say, New Hampshire, which has neither a state income nor state sales tax? The state of RI will spend about $9400 in services to it's citizens in 2020. NH? About $4700 per citizen. Yet, any casual observer will tell you that state services are far superior in the Granite State. It's cleaner, roads are plowed, test scores are higher, and median household income is higher due to a business-friendly environment. You seem OK with paying confiscatory taxes to fund a bloated, inefficient, and broadly ineffective system of state government, and you're not even aware of it because you've grown accustomed to it.

From: Investments key to RI's educational, economic future, says Raimondo

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