Zoning Board Agenda



October 26, 2017

Notice is here by given that the Zoning Board of Review will hold its monthly meeting on October 26, 2017 at 6:30 pm, at Johnston Senior Center, 1291 Hartford Avenue. All persons interested in the following proposals are requested to be present at this time. The assembly facilities are accessible to the handicapped. Persons requiring special accommodations shall call the Zoning Office at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting (401) 231-4000 ext 4117. Persons utilizing TDD equipment may contact the Town through “Relay Rhode Island” at 1-800-745-6675. The agenda for the evening will be as follows, subject to change:

Zoning Board.

File 2011-47- Remand from Superior Court– William & Claudette Baumlin, Owner/Applicant; 17 Bigelow Rd; AP 59 Lot 35, R-40 Zone, 7.75 acres. Dimensional Variance. Section 340 Article III Table of Dimensional Variance.

File 2017-53– Joseph R. Vinagro Properties, LLC, Owner/Applicant; 2208 Plainfield Pk; AP 32 Lot 10, R-40 Zone, 1,481,040 Sq. Ft. Article V Section 340-25C Height Variance & Article V, Section 340-25C Accessory Structure Variance. Proposed 4,400 Sq. ft. Accessory Structure Used for Storage.

File 2017-51– Blackpoint Realty/Anthony & Claire Ferranti, Owner/Applicant; 119 Greenville Ave; AP 17 Lot 121 & 126, B-2 Zone, 44,987 Sq. Ft..; Special Use Permit Article XII 340-75, Dimensional Variance. Section 340 Article III Table of Dimensional Variance. Proposed 100x120 Sq. Ft. Addition. Automotive Collision Repair, Sales, & All Related Uses.

File 2017-52– John & Anthony Rambone, WED Plainfield II, LLC, Owner/Applicant; Plainfield Pk; AP 32 Lot 6, B-2 & I Zone, 1,106,424 Sq. Ft.; Article III, Section F. Zoning District Dimensional Regulations, Industrial(I) Maximum Building Height(40 Ft.), 340b Table of Dimensional Regulations. Special Use Permit Per Article III 340-8, Table of Use Regulations, Subsection 5, (2), Electric Power Generating Plant. Proposed New Wind Energy Conversion System.

File 2017-60– Harry Hall/Southern Sky Renewables Energy, Owner/Applicant; 2343 Plainfield Pk; AP 33 Lot 12, R-40 Zone, 1,142,608 Sq. Ft.; Table of Use Regulations(Zoning Regulations 340) Subsection – 5.1- Electric Power Substation- Special Use Permit. Proposed Solar Farm.

File 2017-58– Pat Matarese/Chuck & Sons Towing, Owner/Applicant; 361-363 Geo Waterman Rd; AP 36/38 Lot 244/307, B-2 Zone, 29,214 Sq. Ft.; Article III 340-13 Table of Use Regulations Subsection . Proposed Area of 29,214 Sq. Ft. To Be Used For Towing.

File 2017-57– Abacus Real Estate LLC, Owner/Applicant; 985 Plainfield St; AP 1 Lot 96, B-2 Zone, 8,160 Sq. Ft.; Article III 340-9 Table of Dimensional Regulations and Article V 340-25 Authorized Departures from Yard Regulations, Subsection C, Accessory Structures. Subsection 340-(14) Misc. Uses. . Proposed Detached Rear Trailer to be used for Additional Offices.

Prior to adjournment the board shall convene as the Board of Appeals and hear the following matter:

File 2017-56- PMD Hauling, SJP Enterprises Inc., Tri-Gen Construction, DiMascio Bros. Equipment, Shea Enterprises, J.A.B. Demolition, c/o Evelyn Simone, Owner; Plainfield Pk; AP 33 Lot 78; B-2 Zone; Violation 125-5 Busn License Required, 340 Zoning subsection 9(Parking and/or storage of Heavy Equipment Not Allowed), subsection 11(Open Lot Storage Not Allowed).

File 2017-57- Paul DiMascio c/o Holly Simone-Burns Trustee, Owner; Plainfield Pk; AP 33 Lot 78; B-2 Zone; Violation 302.1ripmc, 340, 23-27.3-113.1rigl, 236-7. Accessory Building in B-2 Not Permitted. Zoning Use subsection 9 #13 Parking and/or Storage of Heavy Equipment is Not Allowed.

File 2017-61- Hanna Realty, et al.; Jaime Turmel, Applicant/Owner; 1340 & 1350 Hartford Avenue; AP 20 Lot 8, 63, 306, & 307; B-2 Zone; Proposed Car Dealership. Petitioner for Appeal; National Development Group, Inc. Appeal of Planning Board Decision pursuant to RIGL Sec. 45-23; Appeal to Zoning Board of Appeals sitting as Planning Board of Review pursuant to Section 340-129 of Johnston Zoning Ordinance; and Section V, Article B(3) of the Johnston Land Development Regulations.

***New items not heard by 10:30 p.m. may be rescheduled for a subsequent/special meeting at the discretion of the Board***

Per order of the Zoning Board of Review

Thomas Lopardo, Chairman

10/12, 10/19, 10/26/17


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