Where best to spend $3.6M


To the Editor:

Gentlemen, when is someone going to tell Governor Gina Raimondo that she is a governor, not a queen, and that Speaker Mattiello and Senator Paiva-Weed are not consorts?

On television she stated that she decided to invest $3.6 million to train employees for Electric Boat. How nice for them… She has no right to invest $3.6 million of taxpayer money into a billion dollar business.

Representative Edith Ajello in the House and Senator Erin Lynch Prata have introduced bills to help 6,000 seniors living under the poverty line to pay their Part B Medicare premium.

Shame on the past governors and legislators who for the past five years have turned their backs on the $3.6 million it would have cost the state. It would seem that $3.6 million spent on assisting 6,000 seniors offers a better return than training for Electric Boat, a company that can afford the cost.

Elmer Gardiner



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