Time to triple our efforts


To the Editor:

I've been procrastinating submitting a commentary addressing this past election in which the Democratic regime in town stooped to a new low: blackmail, slander and outright lies. However, I have put a CD together that I may distribute around town when I return from Florida in May as I triple my efforts to get the Johnston Taxpayers Association off the ground, in which the CD will give residents needed insight to realize the need to walk away from a party that will stop at nothing to stay in power. The CD will highlight what had been stated on the recordings by the State Police and lay out the progression of events including statements in the anonymous letters that were distributed around town and who the chief architect was.
Voters need to realize the majority opinion, philosophy and ideology of any political party unequivocally are the heart and soul of that party. When you consider what the party nowadays represents, its mind-boggling that people of good moral character would still want to support it. It's almost as if some sinister spell has been cast over our society in which we have become self-destructive, including having little regard or appreciation for all that we should be more mindful of.
This example is what motivated me to submit this commentary. This past week there was a news item that had to do with the early release of a murderer who participated in a thrill killing. Two men lured a young woman into the woods with the promise of drugs and then brutally raped and beat her to death just for the fun of it. They were only to serve 35 years, but one of them was going to be released after only serving 13 years for "good behavior" because he participated in an "art class" and a course referred to as "Way to Happiness." What if that was your wife or daughter?
In addition to that aspect of liberalism, most Democrats want to legalize drugs and our state’s Democrat-controlled legislature is renowned throughout South America for their support of illegal immigration, costing us jobs and higher taxation.
As a conservative, who may soon be an Independent, not only do I recognize the need for cost-effective government but also holding people accountable for their actions in which these ruthless murderers should have been electrocuted. I bet if there was a referendum on the death penalty, not by lethal injection but electrocution, most Rhode Islanders would support it. But the Democratic Party opposes such forms of punishment, and you won't be seeing that referendum or any referendums that would put more control in the hands of the citizenry anytime soon.
Regarding the overall elections across our once great country, it brought a tear to the eyes of many patriotic Americans. I did receive 2,500 votes, which was great considering "I am what I am," living in a town "that is what it is."
As for the folks who supported me, residents need to realize just voting for someone "isn't going to cut it." Residents need to take the initiative and look up the candidates and assist them, for example pay $8 to put a lawn sign on their property or distribute literature around the neighborhoods. Things will be getting "very grave" over the next two years and conservative, straightforward leadership that understands the need to think in terms of what is best for all the people is our only recourse. Until lifelong, well-intentioned Democrats get honest with themselves and realize the party is no longer the party of J.F.K., our children will need to work until age 70, toil many more weeks of the year to serve our masters in civil service and move away from our pitiful state sooner than later, all because nobody cares.
Now, for some good news.
Realizing the true nature and intent of the overall Democratic Party, when I come back from Florida I will triple my efforts to develop the Johnston Taxpayers Association, which will enable residents to come together and share their concerns and ideas for better government. One of the many needed reforms would be to enable candidates the ability, via forums provided by our local government, to share their visions so voters can cast a much more informed vote. You won't be seeing that anytime soon either.
In closing, the mayor recently stated that our town is cash-strapped and the pension fund will go "belly up" in five and a half years as our tax dollars continue to flow from Town Hall, providing endless provisions and continued compounding entitlements. We have another election coming up in two years and over that period more residents will be further victimized via higher taxes that need not be, and now it's up to the approximately 8,000 readers of this outcry to take the initiative. Please contact jtaxassoc@aol.com or call 474-4083.

Peter A. Filippi III
Founder of the Johnston Taxpayers Association


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