Thoughts and feelings after Election Day


To the Editor:

I supported the two local Johnston ladies that ran as Independents in this year’s election, and am very disappointed that they did not win.

Brenda Lynn Leone is a lady of good character that put her own money, time, and hard work into her campaign for mayor. She is well aware of the present mayor and his team’s bad actions that are constantly popping up in the news, and causing law suits for the town, but refused to bring these facts out in her campaign because she does not believe in politicians trashing each other. Brenda ran for office because so many people complain about the present administration, but are in fear of retaliation if they speak out. She is a strong lady who stepped forward wanting to make changes for these people.

Deborah A. Spaur is another strong lady of good character that ran a second time for Town Council in District 1. She walked the streets of her district daily talking to residents. Deb attends many town meetings to stays on top of what is going on in Johnston. I thought for sure she would win after what her former opponent did to the owners of the Music Man Café, resulting in a big lawsuit on the town. Many people think what was done to the Café was retaliation for Deb’s campaign event there when she was running for office in the last election.

When I think, why did these ladies not get more votes when everyone complains about the administration and the taxes being so high? I realized some facts. Johnston has a population of approximately 30,000 only around 11,000 voted. Thousands don’t vote because they think it is a waste of time and nothing will change. Thousands pay no attention to what is truly going on in Johnston, or what is the character of the politicians that are running for office, so when they do vote many will be all Democrat or all Republican. Then there are the friends and relatives of the people that their jobs depend on the present administration staying in office.

I know these two Independent ladies did not have all the people and all the money of the Democratic Party behind them, and believed they would have the votes of all the people that said they wanted change. I also know these two ladies came into, and walked out of this race with integrity not trashing their opponents or making mean-spirited comment’s to the public like “All the malcontents in town can crawl back into their holes. It’s over.”

Jean Lynch



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