Those New Year resolutions


To the Editor:

The first resolutions are for the Democrats in Congress. Please resolve to stop acting like 5-year-olds and taking temper tantrums because your candidate didn’t win the election; and start working with Republicans on Immigration and NAFTA and other important issues.

You need to stop treating the president like a criminal and Russian spy; and treat him with the respect he deserves as the elected President of this country. Please resolve to stop neglecting and undermining the majority of Americans, who voted for Trump.

Andy while you’re at it, you need to stop assuming that we’re so stupid; we don’t know what you’re doing. Adam Schiff should stop role-playing in Congress, an absolutely made up script of what POTUS said and did regarding the Ukraine. Nancy you need to resolve to stop pretending you’re some pious Catholic, who prays for POTUS every day. I’m a Catholic, and we Catholics don’t kill babies like you and we don’t hate. You’re a farce!

Media, yes you CNN, and MSNBC, actually report the good this President does and stop carrying water for the Democrats. I realize that this will be very difficult, since you’ve been doing it since the Holocaust, when you even denied that event. And stop calling Trump and us racists. Racism is your only rebuff, and it has gotten old. Donald Trump is and never was a racist and neither am I because I voted for him. So grow the heck up and stop the name calling. After all, the Democratic party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan and the anti free the slaves movement. Yet, we don’t call you the racists.

And teachers, please resolve to start teaching the truth to our children. Stop taking MAGA hats and shirts off students and teach some history and government. Alexandria Occasio Cortez didn’t even know the three branches of government AFTER she was sworn in as a Congresswoman. They also obviously don’t know that Socialism is bad and kills people.

They think that the President obstructed Congress (no such charge, unless you’re Nancy Pelosi, who is actually obstructing Congress with this impeachment farce) and that he abused his power. Abuse of power is an extremely subjective partisan charge that anyone can make up. It’s the reason our Founding Fathers never wanted it to be used as grounds for impeachment. When arguing with a young Democrat recently, I made some of these points to him; to which he retorted, “I heard Trump uses the ladies’ room in the White House.” That’s the education you are doling out. That’s the kind of thing a 5-year-old would reply. Please start educating, I beg of you. These kids would get a better education by simply reading Donald Trump Jr’s new book Triggered.

And some resolutions for the rest of us. As difficult as it is, we need to education people every day about government, history, and what this President is trying to achieve. And President Trump, the only resolution I have for you, is to please hang in there and continue being strong and letting everything bounce right off you.

Margaret Porter



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amen. acting like a spoiled rich five year old is a power set aside for the potus. look it up in the constitution article 2 section 5.

Tuesday, January 7

@Margret Porter- Well said.

@justanidiot- So why don't you explain how Trump is acting like the 5yo. Yes the Constitution gives him power. Are you talking about issuing pardons except for impeachment? When the House (accuser/plaintiff) is trying to bring charges against the President (accused/defendant), the defendant doesn't have to cooperate. Here's some more Constitution "nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself," 5th Amendment, Bill of Right.

And this little gem from the 6th Amendment "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall

enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial,". So maybe Pelosi should bring the charges of impeachment to the court aka Senate or move to dismiss.

Saturday, January 11