The latest atrocity


To the Editor:

These days I am afraid to turn on my computer or listen to the news to see what damage Trump has done.

This morning we learned Mr. Trump, The Fish and Wildlife Service and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke have all decided in favor of “funding conservation programs” by reversing the ban on importing elephant trophies into the United States. Previously Mr. Trump was against this and now on the advice of his Interior Secretary, an avid hunter, he has changed his mind. Are we surprised he is so easily manipulated? Could the fact that Mr. Trump’s two sons are trophy hunters have had any impact on this decision?

I have had many occasions to see elephants in my local zoo. They are majestic beautiful animals and highly intelligent. Many organizations have worked hard to stop poaching of ivory from the elephants. They are making progress, but this latest stupidity is wiping out all the progress these hard working people have made.

In view of all the other investigations against Mr. Trump you may wonder why we should care about this one issue. Well, this is just another example on the damage Mr. Trump is doing to our world and our environment. He lacks any knowledge of what it takes to “make American great again” He is easily influenced by his cronies which benefit himself. He has alienated many countries that were our friends with his wild ideas. He is clearly a racist and not sympathetic to the plight of anyone who does not add to his wealth.

I receive many reports from Senator Whitehouse about what we can do to challenge Mr. Trump. It is time for all of us to pay attention to the issues discussed by Mr. Whitehouse and remember to change the makeup of our government by getting responsible people in government who know what they are doing before it is too late. Unfortunately, it may be too late for ourgeneration but our children will inherit all the wreckage after we are gone.

Brenda Nordin



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I applaud Ms. Nordin's trips to the zoo and can fully appreciate her stand the importation of elephant trophies. Her broader point concerning the "wreckage" inflicted by this president, however, is little more than a personal bias in desperate search of corroborating evidence. Some of the "wreckage" under President Trump includes:

A rise in the S&P 500 of 29.7% since Election Day 2016, and a 33.3% bump in the Russell 2000.

The lowest unemployment rate in 17 years.

The lowest Black unemployment rate ever recorded.

Record optimism on the economy from National Association of Manufacturers

US Small Business Optimism Index at it's highest point since 1983.

A reduction in tax rates for people who pay taxes.

A similar reduction in rates for corporations who employ people who pay taxes.

A record level of net worth for all income levels.

Dramatic decrease in illegal border crossings.

The appointment of a Constitutionalist to the supreme court.

Is Trump arrogant? Yes. Abrasive? Certainly. Occasionally vulgar? Sure. But able to deliver on promises made to the American people to unleash a spirit of production, and get government the hell out of the way? Absolutely! We'll take more of that "wreckage", please.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018