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* * * ½ (Joyce)
(Based on true story
of McD’s founder)

If you want an inside look (based on a true story) of a man and how he builds a business empire (no, not Donald Trump), you’ve got to see “The Founder.”
Michael Keaton gives a great portrayal of Ray Kroc, the former milkshake mixer salesman who plays two naive brothers by moving in on their restaurant business idea and making it his own.
The two-hour movie starts in 1954, where those of us who remember the period can get nostalgic about cigarette packs for a quarter, nickel phone calls and 15-cent hamburgers.
John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman play the McDonald Brothers with all their naiveté and positive, old-fashioned business ethics that were destroyed by the persistent but greedy Kroc.
“The Founder” is both a fascinating look at a man who is driven by ambition and will do anything to achieve his goals. It is also an inside look at the world of business and a history lesson in how the worldwide McDonald’s empire grew from a small operation to the world corporation it is today.
You may not like Kroc after seeing this movie, but you will be enthralled by his character, thanks to the Award-winning performance by Keaton. Kroc died in 1984 and his second wife took over the operation, giving millions to charity, which is explained in a where-are-they-now postscript.
Rated PG-13 with some profanity. A good lesson in both history and business ethics.


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