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We are living through some unprecedented times when all eyes are on a mysterious virus that has instilled as much fear in us as worry about how it might impact us individually. For those who already suffer from chronic pain, stress, arthritis and countless other debilitating conditions, this is just one more thing to battle. Amidst all this unknown, these conditions hardly go away, in fact, more often they are exacerbated. Relief, and more specifically the proven relief that comes from CBD-infused products, is needed more than ever. Mike Lanoue of The CBD Store in Warwick wants to help.
In order to continue to offer its dependable source of CBD products, Mike is offering some special promotions. While the store on Post Road is temporarily closed, Mike has made extraordinary efforts to make his triple-tested products available via phone and online. For the time being, all phone orders will be “Buy one, get a second one for 50% off.” Online orders placed at are available for 15% off with free shipping, using the code “CBD15”. All products are sanitized and packed using gloves, masks and alcohol before shipping.
Furthermore, Mike is extending free phone consultations on a “first-come, first-serve basis.” If you have any questions or concerns, he is here for you. Call him at 401-775-9123.
Mike Lanoue’s CBD journey began with the very personal experience of his 28- year-old wife Eva. Eva was involved in a serious accident which left her in unrelenting pain. She tried absolutely everything, including conventional medications, many of which had incapacitating side effects. Eva needed help, so she and her husband Michael embarked on a quest to find the answers they so desperately needed. Their deeply personal search led them to CBD.
The Lanoues went to work researching everything they could find about CBD and the body’s endocannabinoid system. There was so much at stake in understanding how CBD-infused products worked. They learned that CBD is a naturally-occurring compound found in the flower of cannabis that helps restore the body to its natural state of homeostasis or equilibrium. It is a safe, non-addictive and completely legal substance ~ it is NOT psychoactive.
Once the Lanoues discovered the benefits of CBD firsthand, their journey as a family took a different turn. It was no longer just a matter of finding relief and respite from pain and anxiety, it was a matter of sharing their experience with a whole audience of fellow sufferers. Thus was born The CBD Store in April of 2019.
The CBD Store is busy with those who want to know how CBD can help them. Mike is now a trusted source of knowledge and information. He has even developed his own brand of triple-tested CBD products called CanameD® which he did with a team of professionals and which he sells at the store.
The CBD Store is located on 1845 Post Road in Warwick.


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