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(Cute, cunning cartoon feature)

“Where do babies come from?” asks little Tim Templeton when a baby brother shows up in a taxi in suit and tie, carrying a briefcase.
Boss Baby comes straight from BabyCorp, a baby producing factory, and he’s on a mission to destroy Tim’s parents’ new invention: a puppy that never grows old. It appears that puppies have moved to the number one spot for parents’ affection, and BabyCorp is quite concerned.
Boss baby (voice of Alec Baldwin) gets all the attention from his new parents, alienating his older brother, who engages in deep conversation with him, while the parents get only baby talk. Boss Baby is a pretty nasty character, upsetting the family and constantly making poor Tim look like the culprit.
Eventually, the two of them decide to team up to take on their parents’ corporation, stop the big Vegas event to introduce the new puppy product, and send Boss Baby back to BabyCorp so Tim can regain his parents’ undivided attention.
There are some funny lines about corporate behavior along the way, enough to keep the parents interested until the movie turns into another chase movie as Tim and Boss Baby unite and bond against evil. It’s cute, if a bit tedious at times. The kids should get most of it, especially the compulsory vomit and passing gas jokes.
Rated PG, with only the above to worry about. For the really young, parents may have to answer the question, “Where do babies really come from?”


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