Start My Diet

A nutrition and supplement superstore in Johnston


                For Rafe Mekhanjian, a nutrition and training specialist and the longtime owner of Start My Diet in Johnston, living a healthy life is more than just a goal, it is a full-time commitment, a passion and constant pursuit.  Rafe has owned and operated Start My Diet, a retail shop with an attached private gym, Fit4Life, for over 15 years, but his “health journey” began long before he opened this busy shop.  He has recognized the inseparable connection between how we take care of our bodies and the quality of our lives for well beyond 20 years. His health is important to him.  Your health is also.

            Start My Diet is so much more than its name implies. Start My Diet is a place where individuals can go to jumpstart their journey to health or to enhance the one they might already be on!  This journey begins as soon as you walk through the doors of this unassuming shop on Atwood Avenue. You will meet Rafe and his trusty sidekick Milo, a loveable French bulldog.  After you recover from Milo’s greeting, you can consult Rafe who knows quite literally every product in his store.  His knowledge of each product is incomparable; he has done his research.  Ask him about any product you see on the shelves and any ingredient in any of those products and he can give you a detailed answer. He would not sell any product that he himself wouldn’t use! He is trustworthy, experienced and well-informed.

            The first step on the path to a healthier lifestyle is always found with arming yourself with information. Rafe uses two advanced pieces of testing equipment, the first one which analyzes your body fat content, creating a three-dimensional virtual “avatar” of your body to collect that valuable information. The other uses “Indirect Calorimetry” to reveal your “resting metabolic rate” or how many calories your body uses when it is at rest. This is important to help understand how many calories your body needs to lose, gain or maintain weight.  Rafe, who is also a licensed dietician, will then take this data to help customize a diet just for your body.  This one-on-one counseling is invaluable as you embark on these life-changing decisions.

            Start My Diet and Fit4Life are part of a continuum of services that will help you implement these decisions.  The store has hundreds of products including dietary supplements, vitamins, protein drinks, keto-diet snacks, and nutrients for your hair, skin and nails ~ and that doesn’t even scratch the surface! You can also participate in the store’s prepared meals ~ offered in three ways (Keto, vegan and Paleo) which are delivered fresh (never frozen!) bi-weekly.  There is something here for everyone.

            Start My Diet and Fit4Life are located at 1478 Atwood Avenue.  To find out more, call 401-632-9326 or visit their website at Ask about their delivery service! Open every day but Sunday.


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