Spremulli brothers reunion a trip down memory lane


Although most families hold reunions to coincide with various milestones in each member’s life, the Spremulli’s, who have long-time ties to Johnston, Cranston and Providence, have always taken a much different route.

On a recent sunny afternoon, the Spremulli brothers – John, Tony and Joe – held their annual family reunion-luncheon inside famed Twin Oaks Restaurant in Cranston.

“The stories were incredible,” Louis Spremulli said of the brother’s fun-filled reunion. “There were stories about the old days … even new stories … everyone had a great time and I was honored to have been included in the fun.”

F-U-N is the way the brothers Spremulli – John, 91; Tony, 89; and the younger Louis’ father Joseph, 86 – make a ritual in their lives that was filled with hard work and those old-time values that their children have carried on through the years.

“My uncles and father are up in age now,” Louis said. “However, they can still carry a conversation – on any subject for that matter – and are always up on current events.”

Each of the Spremulli brothers spoke at the recent reunion and reflected back on their respective childhoods and chatting about their days in the working world.

“My Uncle John was always with his father and helping him get things and jobs done,” Louis said. “My Uncle Tony was out chasing the girls and getting into mischief; he was – and still is – quite the man.”

As for Louis Spremulli’s dad Lou, well, as his son mentioned “we still argue on occasion. During his younger years my father was into sports and hanging out with his friends. But they all protected their sister.”

In his adult years, Joseph Spremulli worked for the City of Providence and was involved in politics. However, Joe Spremulli – who like his son and brothers are proud of their Italian heritage – made a huge contribution to all Italian-Americans in and around the metropolitan Rhode Island area when he resurrected the famed Pannese Society of Providence that actually began back in 1909 and was founded by Giuseppe Anzevino, a former bicycle store owner who came to RI in 1885.

He still serves as the Pannese group’s president and was instrumental in forming the unique Sister City Program with the tiny town of Panni Foggia, Italy whose families now live in Johnston.

The Spremulli’s also led different careers in addition to raising their families. John, for example, retired from the City of Cranston while Tony owned his own plumbing business and Joe retired from the City of Providence.

Now, Joe is active in the Pannese Society and volunteers at Our Lady of Grace Church. Like his brothers, he spends a lot of time with his family and they all watch television.

“However,” as Lou Spremulli said while talking about his uncles and father, “they are still focused on doing things the old way; none of them want any part of computers.”


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