Sara Yo Spirit Jewelry Exquisite jewelry that heals, found at Ocean State Jewelers


A warm mid-autumn sun casts its beams across the room and briefly illuminates a stone suspended around the neck of Dr. Hannah Hershoff.

This stone is not an ordinary stone; it is a stone full of luster and brilliance. It feels as though it might even have a life of its own. The stone is made from a mineral that was extracted from a mine in southeast China. The mineral is called Jingdezhen (JDZ) kaolin, named for the town where it is mined. The stone is breath-taking, possessing a beauty that goes beyond a “first-glance” appreciation.

This is not an ordinary stone, and Dr. Hershoff is not an ordinary woman. Not only is she the wearer of this beautiful stone, she is also the designer of the necklace it hangs from. Even more extraordinary, she is also the daughter of a man who once managed the very mine it came from. Dr.Hershoff wears this stone not just because it is beautiful and personal, but because of its seemingly unexplainable healing powers.

Hannah first discovered the healing power of the stones which she uses to create her unique jewelry after a cousin returned from a trip to their family’s village in China. Her cousin spoke of these unusual stones. When Dr. Hershoff, an accomplished ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, learned of them, she was intrigued. She knew of their obvious beauty, but these “healing powers” remained a mystery.

She decided to make some bracelets using the stones, and then gave them away as gifts. Before long, she was getting inquiries about what was “different” about this jewelry. Curiously, the recipients of these unique jewelry pieces were experiencing welcome side effects such as an uplift in their spirits, a feeling of serenity, an unexpected boost in morale and motivation.

Time after time, Hannah would hear these words of praise, and gratitude. Every person who wore this handmade, custom-designed jewelry would tell the same story. Her first six bracelets garnered this response: “After two or three months, six out of the six women told me how wonderfully the bracelets had changed their lives.” Though Dr. Hershoff, even as a Harvard-trained researcher, could not scientifically prove the healing powers of her jewelry, she knew of a surety that they had indeed improved the attitudes, spirits and souls of those who wear it. Those testimonials were enough to inspire her to continue creating ~ and now to sell ~ these inventive pieces of jewelry.

Residents of Johnston will be thrilled to find Hannah’s jewelry sold under the name Sara Yo Spirit Jewels at Ocean State Jewelers on 1395 Atwood Avenue in Johnston.

Customers of the jewelry will also receive a complimentary 7-week “Five Elements Healing Program,” based on the five energy elements of fire, water, wood, earth and metal which combine to create these breathtaking stones.

For more information, call Ocean State Jewelers at 401-751-8105 or visit Hannah’s website at


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