RISP demonstration shows seat belts save lives


SADD – Students against Dangerous Decisions – is and always has been one of Johnston High School’s treasured groups.

For example, when it comes to helping the needy and putting food on people’s table during the holidays, SADD has always made special donations. When it comes to making Christmas merry for underprivileged children, SADD has always gone above and beyond to make sure those kids have presents to open.

SADD’s most recent success story, though, held to help Rhode Island State Troopers LJ Fiorenzano and Juan Coronado re-enforce that important yet sometimes overlooked slogan “Seat Belts Saves Lives” as another way to prevent a tragedy from happening on or around Cherry Hill.

“This was without question an important event,” said Greg Russo, a veteran JHS faculty member who teaches science and doubles as SADD’s long-time advisor. “We can’t thank the Rhode Island State Police enough for bringing this roll over vehicle here today.”

Troopers Fiorenzano and Coronado spent a good portion of the day at JHS which was highlighted by a demonstration using what they called “the simulator roll over vehicle” that actually showed students what happens in a crash when the driver and passengers are not wearing seat belts.

Russo remarked how impressive the demonstration was, especially what occurs to passengers in a car who not wearing seat belts.

With Coronado operating the vehicle, Fiorenzano explained that the vehicle is traveling as 40 miles per hour then spins as if the car was involved in an accident with a roll over. Crash dummies are in the front and back seats of the car.

When the occupants are not wearing a seat belt, JHS students were able to see how violently passengers are thrown about inside the car and actually fly out of the windows. The unique demonstration also showed how an individual in the vehicle could actually be tossed within the car and cause injury to another passenger as well.

“Amazing, when the seat belts were in place the occupants remained in their respective seats and students were able to see how beneficial the seat belts were in a mock crash or rollover,” Russo said. “The visual aspect or the demonstration had a great impact on students and adults alike.”

Troopers Fiorenzano and Coronado added to the display with an excellent presentation for each demonstration then fielded a number of questions from some seemingly stunned students who watched the mock roll over vehicle crashes.

“The efforts of the [Rhode Island] State Troopers today were greatly appreciated,” Russo said. “Today was extremely beneficial for everyone here at JHS.”


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