‘Rapid Notify’ system in place

Residents asked to add contact numbers for emergency notices


The town of Johnston has a new emergency notification program that Deputy Police Chief Daniel O. Parrillo says “has no equal.”

“This is a comprehensive suite of mass notification and incident management services,” Parrillo said. “The program was purchased by the town and school department, and will save time and lives.”

Parrillo said the program is officially known as the Rapid Notify Emergency System.

It was purchased after Mayor Joseph Polisena and Schools Superintendent Dr. Bernard DiLullo did extensive research to learn about the new communication system.

“This will enhance both emergency and non-emergency communication between the town and its residents and the school department and its students and teachers,” the deputy chief said. “The system uses telephone, email and SMA text messaging to deliver the context of the message for either an emergency or non-emergency event.”

Parrillo said the system also has GIS mapping capabilities to isolate and identify affected areas during an emergency for rapid notification, if necessary.

For example, if there was a fire at the landfill, the Rapid Notify system could immediately help the Johnston Police Department begin an evacuation process of within one mile of the facility.

Likewise, if a flu epidemic broke out and people needed immediate inoculation, the new system would prove especially useful. The same would hold true if there was a need to have residents boil water in times of storms or other emergencies that could result in contaminated water.

The new system will be utilized by the Johnston police and fire departments, the Department of Public works and Parrillo, who also serves as the town’s emergency management director.

“We’ll use the system during critical times of a public health issue,” Parrillo said. That list also includes – but is not limited to – winter storms, hurricanes, flooding, problems with the water supply or any others natural disaster.

“We strongly encourage all residents and business owners in town to go to the Johnston police website – johnstonpd.com – to self-register with the telephone or cell numbers people would like to be contacted at. Our best defense to any emergency is to get the correct information out to all residents and business owners in a timely manner so they can be safe and secure. This system ensures the speed and accuracy of that information delivery.”

Rapid Notify also offers reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to help people connect during a crisis, manage operational incidents and other community activities.

To date, all telephone numbers listed on the 411 telephone exchange have been entered in the Rapid Notify database, but Parrillo said officials still want to add as many numbers as possible.

Those seeking additional information should call Parrillo at 231-4210.


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