Public Hearing


Office of the Town Clerk

Town of Johnston

1385 Hartford Avenue

Johnston, Rhode Island 02919

(401) 351-6618

October 19, 2017

Notice is given pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws of 1956, as amended, §3-5-8 that the Johnston Town Council, sitting as the Liquor Licensing Commission under Chapter 5 of the RIGL, shall hold a public hearing at the Municipal Court Building, 1600 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, RI on Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of the Public Hearing is to consider the following applications for liquor license renewals:

Class A Liquor Store 2017-2018 Licenses

1. LA Enterprises, Inc.

d/b/a Tri Town Wine & Spirits

39 Putnam Pike

2. Knight’s Wine & Spirits, Inc.

d/b/a Knights Liquor Warehouse

1450 Hartford Avenue

3. Market Beer Wine Spirits, LLC

d/b/a Market Fine Wine & Spirits

11 Commerce Way

4. G & S Liquors, Inc.

d/b/a Johnston Fine Wine Beer & Spirits

2951 Hartford Avenue

Class B Limited 2017-2018


1. A Center Stage Co, LLC

d/b/a This Guys Pizza

80 Greenville Avenue

2. Gao & Gao, Inc

d/b/a Noble House

1463A Atwood Avenue

3. Archangel Michael

d/b/a La Nouva Pizzeria

1417 Atwood Avenue

4. Dynamos, LLC

d/b/a Wings On 5

1463 #F Atwood Avenue

5. Bobo Pizzeria, LLC

d/b/a Bobo Pizzeria

258 Greenville Avenue

Class BYOB 2017-2018


1. Cafe Vino

235 Greenville Avenue

Class BV- Full 2017-2018 Licenses

1. Bishop Hill Tavern

2868 Hartford Avenue

2. Fried Enterprise’s, Inc.

d/b/a Mr. Biggs Saloon

1463A Atwood Avenue

3. Coliseum Sports Bar & Grille, Inc.

d/b/a J.J. Coliseum

23 Greenville Avenue

4. Ciara Restaurant and Lounge

678 Killingly Street

5. Underground Billards, LLC.

d/b/a Underground Billards, LLC.

928 Plainfield Street

6. Luigi’s Gourmet Express, Inc.

d/b/a Luigi’s Gourmet Express

1359 Hartford Avenue

7. Family Dining Restaurant, Inc.

d/b/a Uncle Tony’s Pizza & Pasta

46 Putnam Avenue

8. Fu Ming Chinese Restaurant, Inc.

9 Greenville Avenue

9. Strings Bar & Grill, LLC

d/b/a Strings Bar & Grill

183 George Waterman Road

10. Toro Restaurant, LLC

d/b/a Cancun Family Mexican Restaurant

175 Putnam Avenue

11. Roman Enterprise, Inc.

d/b/a Atwood Grill

1413 Atwood Avenue

12. Rosa Mia Restorante, Inc.

d/b/a Silvio’s Restaurant & Bar

133 Greenville Avenue

13. HNR, LLC.

d/b/a Sura Restaurant

300 George Waterman Road

14. Scrambler’s II

2 Greenville Avenue

15. Town Hall Lanes, Inc.

d/b/a Town Hall Lanes

1463 Atwood Avenue

16. Emmily’s, LLC

d/b/a Emmily’s Family Style Restaurant

103 Putnam Avenue

17. 101 Bar & Grill, Inc.

d/b/a Bar 101

1478 Atwood Avenue

18. TCP Enterprises, LLC

d/b/a Corner Pocket

1428 Hartford Avenue

19. AGZ Enterprises, Inc

d/b/a Escada Restaurant and Bar

39 Putnam Avenue

20. Reali’s Fine Italian Cuisine Restaurant

79 Putnam Avenue

21. Ruby Tuesday, Inc.

d/b/a Ruby Tuesday #4628

1386 Atwood Avenue

22. F. Saia Restaurants, LLC.

d/b/a Pat’s Italian Restaurant

1200 Hartford Avenue

23. Hei Palace, Inc.

d/b/a Hei Place

1 Commerce Way

24. KOI Japanese Restaurant, LLC.

d/b/a KOI Japanese Cuisine, Grill Steak,

Seafood, Sushi Bar

1369 Hartford Avenue

25. Parsadanyan Enterprises, LLC

d/b/a Pizza Palace

1587 Plainfield Pike

26. An-Jon, Inc.

d/b/a Johna’s

659 Killingly Street

27. Red Ginger, Inc.

d/b/a Red Ginger Restaurant

560 Killingly Street

28. Cherry Hill Grille

223 Greenville Avenue

29. JJ Group, Inc

d/b/a Bon Asian Bistro

1386 Atwood Avenue

30. El Paisano Panaderia & Restaurante, LLC

d/b/a El Paisano Panaderia & Restaurante

928 Plainfield Street

31. PJ’s Pub, Inc

d/b/a PJ’s Pub

198 Putnam Pike

32. Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado

d/b/a Chipotle Mexican Grill

1386 Atwood Avenue

33. Torre Corp III

d/b/a Osteria Toscana

1571 Atwood Avenue

34. J. Palmieri Pizzeria & Ice Cream, Inc

d/b/a J. Palmieri Pizzeria & Ice Cream

1999 Plainfield Pike

35. Pizzeria Romana Corp

d/b/a Pizzeria Romana

1571 Atwood Avenue

36. Ferrara’s Hometown Bar & Grill

560 Killingly Street

37. Brewed Awakenings, Inc

1395 Atwood Avenue

Class C- Club 2017-2018 Licenses

1. ArtJim, LLC

d/b/a ArtJim Smoke Shop

1465 Atwood Avenue

Class D- Club 2017-2018 Licenses

1. Willy & Silvia, LLC.

d/b/a Club Bebeto

31 Greenville Avenue

2. Maria SS Della Difesa Society

15 Lafayette Street

Class BV Full Extension- Patio 2017-2018 Licenses

1. Bishop Hill Tavern

2868 Hartford Avenue

2. Coliseum Sports Bar & Grille, Inc.

d/b/a J.J. Coliseum

23 Greenville Avenue

3. Family Dining Restaurant, Inc.

d/b/a Uncle Tony’s Pizza & Pasta

46 Putnam Avenue

4. An-Jon, Inc

d/b/a Johna’s

659 Killingly Street

5. Roman Enterprise, Inc

d/b/a Atwood Grill

1413 Atwood Avenue

Individuals requesting Interpreter service for the hearing impaired must notify the Office of the Town Clerk seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the meeting date at 351-6618.

Per Order

Anthony A. Verardo, President

Johnston Town Council



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