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Officer Christopher Rotella responded to a report of a threat on September 15, 2017 in which a victim stated that they received a threatening message through Facebook.

The message that was sent through Facebook messenger was from an account identified as belonging to Shane Hoyle, 20, of 170 Waterman Avenue Apt. 30 in North Providence. The message stated “Keep talking [expletive] about what happened to everyone. I will come to your house tonight and kill you. Try me [expletive]. I ain’t scared of the cops or your family.” The report notes that another similar harassing message was also reported to the department.

Photographs of the message and the associated account were taken by the police as evidence, and the victim stated that they wished to pursue a complaint against Hoyle. The report was then forwarded to detectives, who issued an arrest warrant for cyberstalking against Hoyle on September 15.

On January 17, Hoyle responded to police headquarters where he was taken into custody, processed, afforded the use of a telephone, and held pending arraignment for misdemeanor cyberstalking.


On August 18 just after 11 a.m., a complainant responded to Johnston Police Headquarters to report a possible fraud complaint.

The victim advised that on May 19, 2017, they met with Christopher Ostrander, known as Christopher James Cochran, 31, of 25 Reynolds Street in Burrillville, at a Dunkin Donuts on Plainfield Street to discuss advertising for a business. At that time a contract was drafted and it was agreed to that the business would be advertised on table menus. A check was then written in the amount of $250, and the check was later cashed however no work was done and no services were rendered.

The victim then contacted the advertising company, who confirmed that Cochran wasn’t affiliated with the business or hired to make menus for them. The victim stated that they had attempted to contact Cochran but was unsuccessful. The complainant advised that they wished to pursue a criminal complaint, and the case was forwarded to detectives. A warrant for Cochran’s arrest for obtaining money under false pretenses was drawn up on August 20.

On January 19, Corcoran responded to police headquarters to turn himself in for the outstanding charges. He was booked and processed and provided with a pre-trial date of February 5.


Patrolman Michael Protano and Sargent Joseph McGinn responded to an assault with a deadly weapon (motor vehicle) call on December 13 around 8:52 p.m. According to their report, the assault took place the day before at 5 p.m.

At the scene they spoke with the victim who stated her friend came to the residence to see her. The victim said that they didn’t know the person’s last name, however they are friends and that they “borrow money” off of each other from time to time. The victim asked the man if they could borrow $40. When she asked him about it, he became irate and stated “all you do is ask me for money!” He then walked back outside to his vehicle and she followed him. According to the victim, just before the man got to his car door, he turned around and “lunged” his shoulder into her, causing the woman to fall.

According to the report, at that point the man drove away at a high rate of speed towards Hartford Avenue. The woman stated that as he fled, her right leg was in front of the car’s tire and he subsequently ran her over. As she screamed in pain, the man stopped, looked at her then continued to leave. The woman suffered soft tissue injuries and a bone chip in her knee.

The woman explained that she did not contact police until the next day because she felt she did not have any information to provide to the police. Her friend went to the man’s house and was able to get the car’s license plate number. The case was then forwarded to detectives for review.

Eventually, the suspect was identified as Orlando Negron, 47 Yorkshire Street in Providence. The victim later positively identified Negron from a photographic lineup. An arrest warrant was then drawn. On January 20, Negron was arrested. He was charged with felony assault and duty to stop at an accident resulting in personal injury. He appeared before Justice of the Peace George Lazieh and was released on $10,000 personal recognizance with an April 13 court date. As a condition of his bail, he was ordered to have no contact with the victim.


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