Police Log



On November 21 at approximately 5:34 p.m., Officer Arthur Petteruti responded to the area of 37 Reservoir to assist Lieutenant Troy Maddocks with a motor vehicle stop. Upon arrival at the scene, Lt. Maddocks advised Officer Petteruti that he was traveling behind the suspect vehicle on Hartford Avenue and observed erratic operation. The Lieutenant also stated that he did not detect an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the operator, later identified as Thomas Scott, 20, of 100 Lantern Lane in North Kingstown. However, the Lieutenant stated that Scott’s body language, actions, and behavior were consistent with a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and Officer Petteruti, a drug recognition expert, was requested to speak with Scott.

While Officer Petteruti spoke with Scott, he reported that he did detect an odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from the suspect’s breath. He further noted that Scott’s eyes appeared bloodshot, that his speech was slurred and that he was extremely talkative. While speaking with Scott, Officer Petteruti observed green debris on his shirt, which he believed was consistent with marijuana, and the officer detected the smell of burned marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The officer further observed a black ashy substance on Scott’s hands, which he believed was consistent with utilizing drug paraphernalia to smoke marijuana.

When asked if he had been drinking that day, Scott allegedly replied “I only had a few beers several hours ago.” Scott also stated that he had taken his prescribed Adderall, and that he smoked an unknown amount of marijuana several hours earlier. Officer Petteruti then asked Scott to submit to a series of standardized sobriety tests, which he agreed to. During the tests, Scott was reported as saying “Damn, I [expletive] up, I can’t do this [expletive].”

Scott was then placed under arrest for suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. He was taken into custody an placed in a cruiser. While being transported to police headquarters, the police report indicates that Scott began to apologize to the officer. When the officer inquired, Scott stated “I know I shouldn’t have been driving. I’m all messed up but she was worse than me and we needed to get to RIC [Rhode Island College].” The report notes that Scott was referring to his female passenger.

At headquarters, Scott was processed and afforded a confidential phone call, which he declined. Scott consented to take a chemical breathalyzer test, but as the tests were underway he vomited and the test was terminated. He was charged with driving under the influence and issued a Third District Court summons to appear on December 4.



At approximately 6:45 p.m. on November 24, Patrolman Joseph Scotti met with a complainant at police headquarters who wanted to report an assault that had just occurred at the Comet Car Wash located at 1525 Hartford Avenue. The man indicated that he was washing his truck when a suspect identified as Tyler Macomber, 20, of 26 Colwell Drive in Johnston, walked up behind him and pushed him.

According to the police report, both Macomber and the reporting party knew each other for several years from school, and the man initially thought Macomber was joking around, but then noticed that Macomber was wearing a badge around his neck, an expandable baton, pepper spray, and handcuffs all equipped around his waist. The man indicated that he felt intimidated and did not want matters to escalate further. He stated that they had a short conversation, and that Macomber started pushing the man around and put him in a headlock while using his night stick.

The man stated that he broke free from the headlock, but that Macomber began striking him in the leg with his baton. The report indicates that the victim did have red marks, which were photographed, but that the victim declined medical treatment. The man then told Officer Scotti that Macomber put him in another headlock and pretended to deploy his pepper spray while allegedly stating “stop resisting, stop resisting.”

The victim again broke free and told Macomber that he had to go and to leave him alone, and tried to return to his truck as Macomber followed while continuing to push the man. At one point, Macomber is alleged to have removed his handcuffs from his belt and attempted to place the man in restraints but was unsuccessful. Eventually, Macomber finally departed and left the scene. The victim advised that he feared for his safety during the incident and requested to pursue a criminal complaint. A female acquaintance who was at the scene corroborated the victim’s account.

Sargent Joseph McGinn attempted to make contact with Macomber by phone and was successful. Macomber was asked to respond to police headquarters and give a statement as to what transpired at the car wash. Macomber willingly reported to the station and stated that he was involved in an incident at the Comet Car Wash. The report notes that Macomber was wearing a black security shirt, neck badge, spray, baton and handcuffs when he reported to headquarters. He was read his rights and taken into custody.

Macomber was processed and charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon, impersonating a public officer, carrying a dangerous weapon while committing a crime of violence, and disorderly conduct. He was arraigned before Justice of the Peace McCaffrey and paid an administration fee of $50. He was then provided with a February 23 court date at the Sixth District Court.


Patrolman Adam Parkinson along with other members of the department responded to the Stop & Shop on Commerce Way on October 29 at approximately 5:07 p.m. for a report of a suspected shoplifter, Kevin Barboza, 61, of 160 Broad Street in Providence, who was in custody.

At the store, the officers met with a member of loss prevention, who stated that she was in her office monitoring the beauty aisle on her closed circuit camera when she observed Barboza concealing multiple body wash bottles in a brown bag. She then responded to the merchandise floor and observed Barboza pass all points of sale without paying. He was detained outside where he allegedly admitted to stealing the products. A total of $107.32 worth of merchandise was then recovered.

Barboza was transported to police headquarters and charged with felony shoplifting and habitual offender shoplifting.


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