Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston Police, Rhode Island State Police and other departments.


On October 22 at approximately 1:05 a.m., Officer Merrick Cook responded to Bar 101 on Atwood Avenue for a report of a disturbance.

At the scene he observed a male subject identified as Richard DiNitto, 38, of 37 Highland Avenue in Cranston, along with a woman who were standing outside the front glass door of the bar. The door appeared to have been smashed and both parties were being restrained from entering the bar by other patrons. The officer then ordered both away from the door and inquired as to what was happening.

According to the report, both parties appeared to be highly intoxicated and as the officer was speaking with the pair, a witness came outside and stated that DiNitto had smashed the front door with a large rock prior to the officer arriving. Officer Cook then performed a pat down search of DiNitto and placed him in the rear seat of his cruiser for safety. He then continued to try to speak with the woman, however he reported that she was too intoxicated to form coherent sentences.

Witnesses told the officer that they had observed DiNitto and the woman were in a verbal confrontation with others in the bar. A man advised the officer that he tried to intervene and had to physically restrain DiNitto. He said when he released his hold on DiNitto that he threw a bar stool, punched a female patron in the head, then exited the bar and threw a large rock through the door.

The woman who had been punched in the head stated that DiNitto also tried to assault her but was unsuccessful. She pointed out a small bump on her forehead from the punch she received and also stated that she had shoulder pain due to the physical altercation.

DiNotto was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters, and while en route proceeded to vomit on himself and the back seat of the cruiser. He was charged with simple assault, malicious mischief and disorderly conduct, and vandalism and held pending arraignment.


Officer Joseph Scotti was dispatched to the area of Plainfield Street and Evergreen Drive on October 20 at approximately 10:07 a.m. for a report of a motor vehicle accident.

Upon arrival the officer noted that he observed a white Kia obstructing Evergreen Drive with its hazard lights activated and a woman, later identified as Barbara Tomlinson, 52, of 60 Hunter Avenue Apt. 2 in Johnston, sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. A witness at the scene approached the officer and advised that he had contacted the police and had been driving behind Tomlinson at the time of the incident.

The man indicated that Tomlinson was traveling east on Plainfield Street and crossed over the white fog line several times. He stated that Tomlinson ultimately sideswiped a parked vehicle at 1216 Plainfield Street and continued driving. Tomlinson then struck the right curb several times before taking a right on Evergreen. The man said he removed the keys from her vehicle once she stopped because she told him she wanted to continue to drive with the condition that the vehicle was in. At the time, the car had two flat tires and heavy damage to the side and front passenger quarter.

Officer Scotti then approached Tomlinson and asked her to exit her vehicle. She appeared unsteady on her feet and was unsure why police were on scene. While speaking with her, the officer observed signs of intoxication and a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath.

When asked where she was coming from, Tomlinson told the officer that she had left work early as she wasn’t feeling well and had a cold. Officer Scotti asked her where she resides, and Tomlinson allegedly replied “I can’t remember right now.” Moments later she said she lived off of Killingly Street but did not know the name of the street. She denied that she had consumed any alcoholic beverages.

A search of Tomlinson’s vehicle revealed a pint of Jack Daniels located in the front passenger compartment near her pocket book. When asked, Tomlinson agreed to partake in a series of standardized sobriety tests. Based upon her performance and the officer’s experience and training, it was determined that Tomlinson would be arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. She was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters while her car was towed from the scene.

At the station, Tomlinson agreed to take a chemical breathalyzer test, which produced blood alcohol readings of .226 and .216 percent. She was charged with driving under the influence first offense, leaving the scene of an accident, and leaving the lane of travel. She was later released to a sober adult.


While on a fixed post in the area of Traver and Hedley Avenues on October 20 around 11:30 a.m., Officer Michael Andreozzi observed a car pass his location at a high rate of speed. According to his report, the vehicle then went through the stop sign without stopping, and the officer pursued in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop.

At that time, the suspect vehicle went left of center and passed three other vehicles that were stopped at the light at Hedley and Greenville Avenues. The officer noted that appeared that the suspect vehicle was not going to stop and was attempting to elude apprehension. Officer Andreozzi notified dispatch of the situation and that he was in pursuit with his overhead lights and siren activated.

While in pursuit the officer checked his speedometer and observed that he was traveling at approximately 100 miles per hour. At the time he passed the Manton Avenue Stop and Shop. When he reached the area of Manton Avenue and Cortex street, the officer decided to terminate pursuit because of the excessive speed, amount of traffic on the road, that the suspect was refusing to stop and had already passed numerous vehicles.

Officer Andreozzi notified dispatch that the pursuit had been terminated. He discontinued the use of overhead lights and siren, and lost sight of the suspect vehicle. As he continued further down Manton Avenue, he observed smoke and then heard a loud crash. He then saw a parked car with heavy rear end damage and that the suspect vehicle had crashed into a telephone in the area of Glenbridge Avenue.

As the officer approached the suspect vehicle he observed the driver, later identified as Eugenio Nobre, 31, of 899 Manton Avenue Apt. 3 in Providence, exit the car and fled on foot.

Dispatch advised the officer that Providence Police had been advised of the pursuit and helped search the area with other Johnston Officers. Soon after, the registered owner of the suspect vehicle arrived on scene and was in shock when she observed the damage to the vehicle. She refused to cooperate with the investigation and stated that she did not know who was driving the car. She stated that she may have to report that her car was stolen, and the officer advised that filing a false police report was a felony.

The woman then told Officer Andreozzi that there was a good chance that the driver was her boyfriend and provided her address. After searching the residence Nobre was taken into custody, and was positively identified by Officer Andreozzi.

A search of the suspect vehicle, officers observed what appeared to be several pieces of crack cocaine tied in plastic bags. The items were seized as evidence. After testing at police headquarters, the report indicates that the substance tested positive for cocaine and fentanyl.

Nobre was charged with possession of a schedule I-V drug, high speed pursuit, obedience to stop sign, and driving without a license.


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