Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports provided by the Johnston and Rhode Island State Police Departments.



On June 8 around 11:30 p.m., Detective Seth Crosby along with Officers Michael Protano and Michael Edwards responded to the area of Belvedere Street for a continuing investigation of a stolen roller used in paving. At the scene, they observed the rear yard of a residence where a Wacker Neuson RD12 one-ton roller was located.

Members of the Smithfield Police Department also arrived to provide assistance. Once all parties were present, the officers met with the resident, who advised that the roller in question was suspected to have been stolen out of West Warwick and she accompanied officers to the rear of the residence.

Upon viewing the roller, officers noticed that the serial number plate had been pried off of the machine. They also observed scratches and chipped paint where stickers had been removed that contained the name of the company the roller belonged to. The roller had been equipped with a LoJack security system, which appeared to have been removed.

A check of the engine compartment revealed a serial number that matched the one provided by its rightful owner. The piece of equipment, valued at $15,000 and only had been used for 20 hours before being stolen, was found to now have over 70 work hours and would now be valued at around $8,000. The roller appeared functional but decreased in value due to visible body damage and the additional work hours.

While officers were on scene, the suspect, identified as Edward J. Delgreco, 35, of 47 Belvedere Street in Johnston, made several phone calls to other parties at the scene and said that he was in Boston. Delgreco stated he had been a suspect for the theft of the roller but that he had been cleared of any involvement and the roller at this location was not the stolen roller in question. He said that another party had removed the serial numbers, and could not explain the damage to the machine. The roller was then taken from the residence.

Later, Delgreco stated by phone that the roller was his rental but that now he was only storing the roller at his property for someone else and had no knowledge of it being a stolen machine. Officers told Delgreco to respond to police headquarters, but he stated he would not be returning to his residence that day. As of June 10, he had still not contacted police and an arrest warrant was drawn up.

On June 14, officers again responded to Delgreco’s address in regards to the warrant. Delgreco was on scene and taken into custody without incident. He was transported to police headquarters, charged with one count of receiving stolen goods, a felony, and he was held for arraignment.


On June 11 around 7:41 p.m., a complainant reported to police headquarters in reference to harassing phone calls she was receiving.

The woman told Officer Louis Cotoia that on June 9 she began receiving phone calls and threatening voice mails from an unknown number. She immediately recognized the voice to be that of Michael J. Attruia, 63, of 2005 Plainfield St. in Johnston. She was unsure why Attruia began calling her, but believes that he may think she had spoken ill about him. In numerous messages, Attruia stated that he “wants to kill her” and “take her life.”

The woman told the officer that she did contact Attruia to advise him to stop, however the calls continued and became more sadistic in nature. Officer Cotoia listened to the messages, and reportedly heard “I’m going to kill you and chop you up, call the police and tell them.” He also observed that Attruia had called 18 times and left 14 voicemails.

The complainant said she was afraid to go home because of the threats and said that Attruia had knocked on her door twice since June 9.

Attruia had numerous contacts with the police department in the past, including four arrests. His file with the Rhode Island Bureau of Criminal Identification lists 36 prior arrests, including two for crank phone calls. At the time of the report, he was on one-year probation for violation of a no contact order. After the woman’s report was taken, an arrest warrant was drawn.

On June 18, officers responded to 51 Taylor Road to locate Attruia. At the scene, officers found him and advised him of the outstanding arrest warrant. Attruia refused to comply with the officers’ commands and became resistant. Eventually he was taken into custody. He was transported to police headquarters where he was charged with disorderly conduct and making crank or obscene phone calls. He was then held for arraignment.


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